Spooky Stories

With Halloween looming ever closer, it’s a good time to dust off the ghost stories. If you’ve had a ghostly experience, please post a comment and share it!

In the meantime, here’s mine.

My Grandmother’s house was haunted. There was a chap called Mr Angarth who lodged with my great grandparents, and as far as anyone knew, he died in the first world war – they think at Gallipoli. They never heard from him, but after a while the sound of him padding about in his socks returned to the room that had been his. In my teens, that was my bedroom. I heard him at night on a few occasions. Knowing the story, I was not as frightened as I might otherwise have been, but it was a tad unnerving!

My Great Grandmother was also very present in the house – on a number of occasions the smell of a Monday wash, which is very distinctive, filled the house. We couldn’t think of any rational explanation for that boiling soap smell, and both Gran and I experienced it. We both felt it was Great Grandmother making her presence known. That was an entirely comfortable experience, not least perhaps because it happened in daylight.

4 thoughts on “Spooky Stories”

  1. I have had 2 ghostly encounters 😀 I stayed at a house that had various spirits – the children who lived there had many stories, of quite distinct apparitions.
    I was putting the darlings to bed one night, & found the laundry room door open (which was a no-no) so I went to shut it & it wouldn’t close. I looked to see that nothing was blocking it & realized it felt like one of the kids was holding it, being a brat, so I sternly told them to stop. I get a poke from behind, turned my head & there were all 4 of them, wanting to know who I was talking to…So I told little ghost child to go to bed & stop being a brat….
    The other time, in the same house, I had been hearing all week about this nasty old man (from the oldest girl) & how this older male ghost was nice (from oldest boy) – major fights as siblings do. I was in the kitchen & could see thru the playroom to the head of the stairs. All of a sudden I feel some negativity, & see this vague figure (think The Abyss w/o the sharp edges). So, being in a mood myself, I walked up to said figure, told it ‘you’re dead, I’m not, get over it” & walked thru it to the stairs. Oh, & I never see anything so this was pretty uncommon for me! I then asked it to please stop messing w/the older girl. Things quieted down after that.


  2. I have had quite a few experiences with ghosts before, My first encounters were in the farm house I grew up in I was always talking to people I later found out that the two adults I talked to most were my grate grandparents who had originaly brought the house. They liked to sit in the front parlour in rocking chairs, my grandpa smoked a pipe and read and my grandma knitted or did sewing. I could often hear the chairs creaking even though there were no rocking chairs in the room and I could hear them talking to eachother about family members. I could often hear the fire crackling and smell smoke I loved it and used to sit in there often. My mother thought I was mad because the room would be freezing cold and I was talking to thin air. It wasnt untill her mum said one day that she had the same experiences, my mum did apologise to me.

    I often find ghosts are attached to home and places that they know well, at university I was often in contact with random people just in passing. I often see whats there and I know when and when not to say something as it does to tend to upset people.


  3. I actually live in a haunted house. My home has a very long wraparound porch, and wood floors. Well, the whole house is wood. I was told my kitchen use to be the sleeping porch. There’s also an old propane heater my hubby has worked hard to get to hold together with wire and a screwdriver.I think its circa 1936 or earlier.

    In other words this place is damn old.

    The first time we slept here we heard thumps in the attic almost all night. Then in the morning one of the big pine trees fell down, narrowly missing our small truck.

    We keep seeing things out of the corner of ours eyes, like part of someone’s sleeve or edge of a dress.

    Things disappear and reappear some where else. One of my earring from my jewelry box disappeared and I found it in the middle of the floor two days later.

    After our daughter was born, the radio I had on in the room with her would change channels, from say baseball to country.

    Then late one night while watching TV with my husband, the baby started to cry, and then we heard someone say very clearly “hush baby.” My husband I gave each other a startled look, and then ran–I ran into the bedroom, and hubby ran out side.

    We saw no one and the baby was asleep.

    Since then we’ve seen a little girl who would disappear before our eyes. Later our daughter had an invisible friend and we realized it was the girl ghost. Our daughter told us her name, it’s Jenny or Jenifer.

    We’re seen blue and green orbs, and so has our daughter and her friends. And we’re felt someone poking us, too.

    A couple weeks ago, while we slept, my daughter and I both felt someone running their long nails over over backs. To me it tickled and it woke me up, but to my daughter it hurt.

    Our cats watch things that aren’t there. Or at least I can’t see them, lol.

    One time when I was holding one of our kittens while watching TV, I noticed the kitten was watching something very intently–as only a cat can do. Then he got so spooked that he jumped right out of my arms. Then on to my head, the other shoulder, finally onto the floor. He scampered away and hid under a chair–shivering.

    I never did find out what had frightened him so much.

    Sometimes when I wash my hands in the bathroom I hear a child crying, which is odd because we live out in the country two miles out of town with hardly any neighbors and I’ve heard that same child cry for 20 years.

    I’ve often wondered if it was the ghost girl Jenny who was crying, but I’m not sure.

    Our daughter is nineteen now and has grew up in this house, but she still remembers the little ghost girl she’s play with.



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