Peace One Day

Today is Peace One Day if you want to explore the history and current projects. It’s a very simple premise – one day focused on peace and raising awareness of peace. This is me doing my small bit.

People respond to Peace One Day in all kinds of ways – with art, poetry, ritual, vigil, meditation, prayer… it doesn’t matter what your religion is, (if any). It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, or your political stance. Peace is good for people. Freedom from violence, abuse, oppression and tyranny make the world a better place. Take the time to do something for peace today. Post the Peace One link on your social networking site of preference. Think about your own life and how your inaction, or action might make a difference. Support an anti war campaigning group or charity if you can, or one of those incredibly brave outfits like The Red Cross and Medicine Sans Frontiers who go into war zones saving life and trying to reduce the terrible cost in human suffering.

If you do not want to ever be asked to kill another human being.

If you do not want your sons and daughters recruited into someone’s army.

If you do not want to be bombed.

If you do not want to see any more heartbreaking images of orphaned children on your TV.

If you care about justice and human rights….

Peace One Day. It’s a powerful dream and we should never give up on it.

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