Peace at your hearth

A home should be a refuge, a safe place for folks to retreat to. However, unless you live alone (which is not without issue) then sharing a home means needing to co-operate with others. Peace at your hearth contributes greatly to scope for inner peace, and for having the equilibrium to tackle the rest of the world. A home without peace is not much of a home at all. However, peace in the home has to be a shared project, if not everyone is in residence is committed to creating a harmonious space, you have no hope of making it work.

I think the most critical elements for developing peace in the home are care and respect. Where these exist, then dealing with difficulties is relatively straight forwards. Without care and respect amongst co-habitors, conflict is probably inevitable. While circumstances can mean some of us end up living in such conditions, it’s well worth avoiding or moving away from if you can.

With care and respect, differences of need and opinion can be tackled through dialogue. Avoiding blame as much as possible, and focusing on solutions and ways forward, it’s possible to resolve most things well. A peaceful household is a more effective one, harnessing collective skills and strengths, offering mutual support and taking into account the needs, abilities and shortcomings of all those involved. 

People are more likely to be peaceful and co-operative when they are happy. Making sure everyone has what they need, that resources are distributed fairly, that everyone gets a say in key matters and that decisions are explained, all contributes to happiness and overall tranquillity. A household culture in which good contributions are praised, and efforts are noticed and encouraged, is more conducive to peace. Care and respect are attitudes which have to be expressed in an ongoing way through word and deed.

It is not necessary for people to love each other for this kind of arrangement to work. Any kind of space sharing, or resource sharing can work well if all parties approach things in a spirit of care and respect. Where people do love each other, the sharing of a peaceful, nurturing environment can be even more beneficial.

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