Held By Nature

Last night, James and I went walking (we do that a lot). It was a balmy evening, we picked blackberries from the hedges and saw a buzzard. We talk about all kinds of things when we’re walking. I wish I could quote precisely what James came up with last night, because it was stunningly poetic.

He began by observing that nature is all around us, but went on from there to express a sense that nature is holding us, and that we are protected by it. While that has a broad truth in it – we are all held by nature and protected by it (and ultimately killed by it) – he was also thinking specifically of us. The sense of wonder inspired by seeing the buzzard, following on from other interesting sightings this week, has really affected him. Nature is holding us, it seems.

I was speaking to this issue indirectly yesterday, blogging about portents, because I’d seen something that touched me. It’s happened before – rainbows at critical moments, close encounters with creatures when I’ve been really down – moments that give me hope. I am aware that this is just my interpretation, but it feels sometimes that something else is trying to reach out to me and offer affirmation. While I recognise that interpretation may be born of my own needs and desire for reassurance, it still feels reassuring. It’s interesting to find these experiences are touching James in a similar way – because we hadn’t discussed that much before.

Nature is holding us.

Although, amusingly, the huge hairy spider in the kitchen this morning did not feel like any kind of blessing or affirmation, even though it was a spectacular beasty.

2 thoughts on “Held By Nature”

  1. I’m not exactly fond of being held by spiders either, but I like the idea of being held by nature. I fully believe that we can and will see signs of this concept, if we just take the time to see them.


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