Persephone & Garden Planning

Persephone by Kris Waldherr

This picture of Persephone by Kris Waldherr expresses my feelings of now. I love the way she is working with the Moon.

It’s the beginning of September, been feeling like autumn for the whole of the previous month too as the dry weather caused early leaf fall, especially of the poplars. I’ve had lots of leaves in with the grass when I mow – the grass + leaves makes a good mix that composts down quicker than leaves on their own and, added to the heap, helps that compost down fast too.

But the good composting doesn’t alleviate my strange feel about the early autumn. It’s been doing this for years now, if you notice, but seem a little more obvious, more in your face, this year. I find myself feeling trepidatious, worried – not about nature and the goddess, I think she can handle herself very well, but about how this will affect my life. It already is in the veg plot as I have to rethink my plans, change my modes of growing and generally adjust. Humans are very like cats in the matter of change – we usually hate it just as much as they do :-). However, me and the cats are taking the changes the goddess is offering up and doing our best to work with them.

It affects how I plan the coming seasons and next year’s growing. I’m already sitting down with the seed lists – and the veg-we-like lists – making myself a year-planner and trying getting things together.

One thing I’ve decided is that I must start the tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and cucumbers even earlier. I will have a greenhouse next year which will be an enormous help but even so … Over the past 3-4 years we’ve had a very hot time in April, real sun-burn time, even so you have to work very early or late as the middle of the day feels like being on a beach in the Med :-).

I need to take advantage of this more than I have so far and this means getting beds prepped up early … which means

  • getting compost done so it can go in earlier
  • making sure all the rain possible gets to the ground so using membrane to allow water but suppress weeds
  • getting the top surface ready with raking and soft turning to make a tilth
  • sowing seed so the plants are up and ready to go out
  • making sure I have protection for them when we get sudden cold-shifts, and to stop insects and rabbits and others from messing them up – slug pubs out early for instance.
The Lady of Auxerre, Louvre

I’m going to be busy as soon as I can get out there after Yule!

And it means checking – now – that I have the seed I need, sorting seeds (as Persephone did), what can go on to next year, what have I saved from crops this year, what do I have to buy new – like carrot seed! And can I afford it ??? Can I not ??? I mostly wouldn’t eat if I didn’t grow my own, and certainly wouldn’t eat so well or healthily. So already I’m sitting with the lists and catalogues and bed-plans and compost-plans, something I wouldn’t normally be doing until Yule. I enjoy it, but it feels weird, doing it before the autumn equinox. Ho hum … the goddess knows what she’s doing, upsetting our apple-carts is almost certainly a good thing LOL.

This picture of the “Lady of Auxerre” in the Louvre – a statue of the goddess from Crete – also expresses a lto of how I feel at the moment.

Elen Sentier
… behind every gifted woman there’s usually a rather taleneted cat …
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2 thoughts on “Persephone & Garden Planning”

  1. And here, in Michigan, the changes have been cold, frosty weather lingering into May, so that the only things planted early are ones that are tolerant of cold, unless they are held in greenhouse, or begin outdoors under plastic covered row tunnels. And September has brought hot weather, alternating with ones that drop to the sixties and fifties for the last few years. Difficult to get the squashes, or even tomatoes and peppers. I have squash blossoms now. But, this year, the leaves have started falling now. Will there be time for these foods to grow to maturity? A delicate dance with Nature…..Changes…Careful listening, and seeing, and hearing,,,to plan for next year.


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