Using Bokashi

Like the wormery, it also produces a juice that can be diluted and watered onto the plants and soil and, again, you dilute this 1/10 for a good feed.

The solid matter is processed differently to worm-casts. The first part, in the bin, of the bokashi process is anaerobic but the second part is aerobic. After two weeks you can either put the solid matter into your compost system or dig it directly into the ground.

It makes an excellent addition to the compost, setting off the activity again and heating things up. The resulting compost benefits greatly from the addition of bokashi.

If you want to use it directly in the garden – we do that a lot each spring here – then you …

  • dig a trench, a spit deep – that’s the depth of your spade, usually about a foot deep
  • put a layer of the bokashi into the trench and backfill with the soil
  • leave for two to three weeks before planting: during this holding time we also water with bokashi juice three times.
  • The resulting veg bed is very well fed and consequently crops very well.

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