Late Summer in the Garden

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As always, there are never enough hours in the day!

The garden is looking very full of itself and blousy, vegetables falling over the place, flowers reaching for the heavens and sprawling about. In the flower garden, I designed the colour for this time of year to be fiery reds and yellows, splashed with purples and blues and orange as well. We’re sort of getting there.

The runner beans, after having sat in the soil and sulked for weeks – really weeks! – are coming on strong. Haven’t worked out why that was, the weather wasn’t particularly awful and I didn’t over-water them. Some of the same seeds I shared with my neighbour, about 100 yards away, took off and grew like nobody’s business. The French beans in the same bed on the other end of the poles are going great guns, so much so that I’ve got to pick and cook some up in tomato sauce to freeze. I like doing them in tomato sauce as frozen beans straight are a bit tasteless.

The nasturtiums are flowering now – they sulked too! – and the cabbage white butterflies are enjoying them … and not making too much of a mess of my cabbages, broccoli, sprouting, caulis etc.

There is still so much to do. I must get to weeding and sorting the flower garden properly but that’s probably an autumn job. It still looks lovely but I sometimes feel a machete would be useful to get into parts of it.

I sowed some late peas and beetroot last week and both are already coming up strong, should be a nice harvest before the frosts. And I’ll be planting some more lettuce and greens this afternoon – it’s a leaf day, right at the end of our planting time for this month. Shall go for it.

The weather has been very dry … despite heavy rain every so often. When you get your fingers into the soil you find the moisture has only gone down an inch or three. We put loads of muck and compost on the veg garden every year, less on the flower garden as we only have so much, and the difference is noticeable. The more muck has gone in the more the soil holds water. The flowers suffer but the toughest, those that really like growing here, do their stuff.

That’s really the point of “low-maintenance gardening”. You need to find what likes growing in your soil and go for that. If you try difficult things, i.e. things that are to so happy in your soil, you’ll have continuous problems and work. There are things I would like to do but I really can’t because I don’t have time or energy to take care of them properly, so I visit other gardens where they do grow well and am green with envy! If I had unlimited funds and an army of gardeners I would be tempted … perhaps, from the Planet’s point of view, it’s a good job I’m poor and there’s only me-n-him J. Growing stuff where it doesn’t grow naturally messes up so much of the environment – like growing lawns and golf courses in the desert !!!

Must stop … gotta rush off and do things in the garden again …


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