Honouring our Founder

The Pagan and The Pen was founded by pagan author C.H. Scarlett. She started with the idea of having a space where pagan writers and writing could be celebrated, exploring what pagans do, rather than work that is necessarily pagan in and of itself. She hunted the rest of us out on egroups and social networking sites, and word slowly got round, drawing together a number of pagan authors and creative souls. The blog has evolved from there, gaining a sister site that does reviews, a number of columns, and some wide ranging content.

For personal reasons, C.H. Scarlett is stepping back, leaving me at the helm, and with others stepping up to make the behind the scenes and technical things run smoothly. We’re going to miss Casey, a lot. She’s created the shape of this blog and forged a community behind it. Her energy and vision have kept us all working hard and giving our best. The time, creativity and skill she’s poured into this blog will take some replacing.

So I wanted to use today’s post to honour the tremendous work C.H. Scarlett has done here, and to thank her for what she’s created. I also want to wish her well in finding a way through her own trials. I feel certain that wherever she directs that tremendous energy of hers, amazing things will happen. I hope that, in time, she’ll be able to return here in some capacity.

 I’m intending to keep her work and covers on the blog – after all she’s given us, it seems like the least we can do.

 Unless someone else steps up to post daily on ancient pagan festivals, we won’t be continuing with that column. If you feel it’s something you could do, please get in touch – or a less frequent column on festivals if the daily one seems too onerous a task.

Go well Casey, we love you and will miss you, hope you find what you need, and that life treats you kindly. You’ve stepped away with consummate care and honour, for which you have my gratitude – plenty of people cut and run when times are hard, but you’ve taken much care of us, and this blog, and enabled the rest of us to continue. Blessings on your hearth, Lady.

6 thoughts on “Honouring our Founder”

  1. I tell ya, never in a million years would I have collected all those grand words and praises up and included my name. It’s weird how we overlook the stuff we’ve done, but can recognize it in others.

    Thank you Bryn for all of that. I’m going to practice a little vanity and print it out and frame it. (Not kidding).

    Thank you.

    But you know you all rock, and you will bring in new blood, new changes, and take this place to a whole new level! By my stepping down, I hope that’s what will happen…no, it’s what I SEE happening. Out with the old and in with the new. I can’t wait to watch what all happens!


  2. We’ll miss you Casey! You have made such a good impact on our community, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness, understanding and support! Now it’s our turn to support you!

    And when She closes a door…She tears off the roof! And then, the sky’s the limit. ^_~ At least, that’s what seems to be happening here.

    Love you lots!


    1. lol Dena, leave it to me to tear a roof off and leave it for Brynneth to clean up lol.

      Will miss you too, but alas, I will still see and chat it up with everyone here. You just won’t have me bossing you around anymore lol


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