Composting 4 – Hot Heaps

Some like it hot 🙂 … and it certainly does produce good compost as well as killing off weeds and pests.

A hot heap needs to be at least 1m x 1m x 1m so that it has enough mass to generate the super-high temperature. Hence you need a lot of material, all at once, to get it going. If/when this happens – like spring and autumn – then use the compost preps in the way of farmers and large-scale growers.

You Need …

–          The 6 compost preps

–          An egg box

–          A small amount of wet clay soil or moist cow dung

–          Bucket and stirring stick

–          Half a bucket of rainwater

–          Watering can with a rose

–          A stick, half the height of your compost bin/heap

–          Clock


It’s good to be indoors, in the garden shed, or somewhere comfortable to make up each preparation into a little ball ready to put into heap. Having a table and chair makes things easier.

  • Take the first of the compost preps – 502, Yarrow – and open it up
  • Break off a piece about the length of you first thumb joint
  • Take a piece of wet clay soil or moist cow dung and mix it with the preparation so that the two together become a well-mixed ball, or egg shape.
  • Put the ball into the top left hand corner of the egg box – as in the pattern below
  • Now, take the chamomile and repeat the process
  • Put the chamomile in the bottom left hand corner of the egg box
  • Now, take the oak bark and repeat the process
  • Put the oak bark in the top right hand corner of the egg box
  • Now, take the dandelion and repeat the process
  • Put the dandelion in the bottom right hand corner of the egg box
  • Finally repeat the process with the nettle
  • Put the nettle in the bottom central hole of the egg box.

You use this same pattern to put each of the balls of prep your bin – this way, you know which prep is which!           

Now, head for the compost bin …

  • Take the bamboo cane or stick that’s half as deep as your bin and push it into the heap, making five holes as in the pattern. NB – the pattern works just as well for round bins as square.
  • Drop each ball of prep down the relevant hole.

Now it’s time to do the valerian …

  • Put about thirty drops of valerian juice (prep 507) into the rainwater in the bucket
  • Stir it vigorously clockwise and anticlockwise, making a vortex in each direction and creating the chaos as you change direction – as for preps 500 and 501 – for twenty minutes
  • Pour the stirred valerian into the watering can (with rose!)
  • Water the valerian onto the contents of the bin

Put the lid back on and leave to cook! My Dad would have added, “Light the blue touch-paper and stand clear …” but he used to set off fireworks long before there were any safety regulations!

Your compost preps won’t blow anything up. They will start a wonderful process of making your heap into really excellent compost, and it should all be ready for you in about 3 months depending on how well you were able to chop things up. The finer the chopping the faster the compost, it’s like chewing your food helps digestion.

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