Compost Preparations

  • The compost preps are available ready made from you local or national biodynamic association.

The compost preparations are a bit different to the spray preps and, of course, you use them differently – they go into the heap rather than be sprayed onto the soil and plants. They’re about building up and enhancing the soil you grow your plants in rather than boosting the plants directly so they have some similar workings to prep 500 but far less to prep 501.

The Compost Preparations are …

  • 502 – Yarrow Achillea millefolium – does the potassium and sulphur processes of the soil; helps replenish soil grown tired through many years of cultivation. The country name is “Venus Eyebrow”, the seed looks a bit like an eyebrow, hence the country name.
  • 503 – Chamomile Chamomilla metrecaria recutita – helps the living calcium processes and helps to stabilize plant nutrients; it also dampens down excessive fermentation and invigorates plant growth.
  • 504 – Nettle Urtica dioica – helps iron and helps to stabilize nitrogen.
  • 505 – Oak bark Quercus robur – is rich in calcium. It helps to ward off plant diseases and fungal attacks.
  • 506 – Dandelion Taraxacum officianale – does the living silica processes; helps the natural relationships like the mycorhyza become fully effective. The plant’s country name is “Lion Tooth” from the French, dent de lion meaning tooth of the lion. Our word dandelion is a corruption of this.
  • 507 – Valerian Valeriana officianalis – does phosphorous, providing a warmth blanket to the compost heap. Earthworms love it. Used with Prep 500 it draws worms into the garden and helps them reproduce well.

Some work has been and still is being done to find relationships between the compost preps and the planets of our solar system. One researcher, Hugh Courtney, has made some good beginnings. Hugh was an expert at producing the preps. He said he found them to be a whole system and that they appear to represent the energies of the solar system working with the Earth. He identifies each of the preps with one of the planets as follows …

  • 500: manure – Earth
  • 501: silica – Sun
  • 502 yarrow:– Venus
  • 503: chamomile – Mercury
  • 504: nettle – Mars
  • 505: oak bark – Moon
  • 506: dandelion – Jupiter
  • 507: valerian – Saturn

Courtney also postulated that other preps will be found that have the attributes of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto – despite the latter having been relegated to “minor planet” status by current astronomers.

I’ll talk more about this later …

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