Gardening with the Moon: Planning to use 501

Make a list of the plants that need spraying the day before, especially while you’re new to this. You’ll have so much to think about a list will help keep you focused. Planting the veg in the BD groups helps enormously.

This table is to give you an idea of which plants to use 501 on, and on which day, but it’s not comprehensive. Why not make your own table and add to it as you wish?

Leaf Flower Fruit
Salad leaves lettuce rocket etc, Cabbage Kale Spinach Chard Cauliflower Broccoli Purple & green Sprouting Calabrese Tomato Cucumber Courgette/zucchini, squash, pumpkins Peas & Beans
Herbs whose leaves you use like mint, sage, oregano, thyme, tarragon, marjoram, fennel Edible flowers like nasturtiums, calendula, rose petals, day lilies, geraniums Fruit & nut trees, like apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, hazel, walnut
Ornamental grasses, variegated leaf plants, hostas, etc All flowers & flowering trees, like ornamental cherries Things like holly, spindle, guilder rose, firethorn Chinese Lantern

So … looking at the Star Calendar, you look for …

  • the time of the month when the Earth is breathing OUT
  • then, within that, for the relevant days for the part of the plant you want to help – e.g. LEAF for lettuces.

Then  you organise yourself to do the 501 spray on the relevant day.

501 for Root plants

This is different … Remember, root plants, in biodynamics, are those of which you use/eat the roots

  • you do Root plants – in the afternoon – on a root day when the Earth is breathing IN … quite the opposite way round to all the others! This is for … spuds, carrots, beetroot, swede, parsnip, turnip, horseradish, onions, garlic, etc.

Tip –  I do the dahlias as I lift them, helps them to store and flower well the following year.

You do root plants just before they are ready to harvest. This “finishes” the plant, helping it to come to its best, it also increases its storing or standing capacity.

When to use 501 …


–         Just when the leaves are coming in spring

–         Between pickings for leaf plants like kale and lettuce

–         At any time the plants look stressed

–         After a drought for leaf plants, including the lawn, to help good recovery


–         Just as the flower buds are forming for flowering plants, including broccoli, cauliflower, flowering cherries, mock orange trees, etc.

–         At any time the plants look stressed

–         Again when you want a 2nd or 3rd flowering for flowers like roses and geraniums, spearlets of broccoli etc


–         Just as or just after the petals have fallen so the fruits are beginning to form for fruit plants

–         At any time the plants look stressed

–         Just before harvesting the fruit

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