What are Rainbow Warriors?

You may be wondering why this course is called Rainbow Warriors … there is a very good reason. They are mentioned in various traditions and you may already know prophecies that relate to the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors, two of them are …

The Book of Revelations says …

the number of the saved is 144,000.

An old prophecy of the Native American peoples says

When the Earth is sick and all the animals are dying a tribe of people will come, of all colours and creeds, who will restore the Earth. They will be called Warriors of the Rainbow.

Rainbow Warriors are hidden in occult and esoteric lore – the word occult just means hidden, occluded. They are the 144,000 “petals” that hold and carry the energy within the energy centres or chakras. You learn how this works early in the course. As we all contain the 144,000 petals – we all have chakras – we are each of us “the number of the saved”. Our purpose is to become conscious of this and able to work with it along with working with Otherworld.

The native American prophecy fairly well describes the times we are living in. Only by being conscious of our place as a vital part of the whole, and one that can – through consciousness – make a difference can we restore the Earth. Our first conscious learning is of how we are made and that we are all made of the same stuff as the rest of creation. Joany Mitchell put it rather well in her song Woodstock, when she said “We are stardust …”, we are indeed. Rainbow Warriors know this and work with it for the good of all.

Turning Back to Serve

This saying comes from a master in the early 20th century and expresses what rainbow warriors do. Please don’t be put of by the somewhat archaic language J, take it all in and ponder it for yourself…

He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the Lighted Way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way. He faces toward the dark, and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them the way is not so dark.

This is what we are about, turning back to help light the way for those who follow.

So Rainbow Warriors work for others rather than just for themselves. Of course, personal development goes on anyway – you cannot stop developing once your feet are on the path, you learn continuously from others. But the warriors’ focus is not on themselves. They serve all of creation, including other human beings. Here again, the focus is much broader than humanity alone. As shamans, Rainbow Warriors know the interconnectedness of all life, and know that they play a part in helping everything in creation become its true self. They turn back from personal completion, refusing to be blinded by the light and focused only on self, to shed the light of their own knowing (in so far as they have got) onto the path, to help light the way for others.

The Course

Rainbow Warriors is a 3 year practical course in advanced shamanism.

It’s an experiential rather than an academic course done through the Internet with a two-week workshop at the end. It is based in, but not exclusive to, the Western & Celtic magical traditions. It is about becoming a shaman, not a shamanic practitioner but the real thing. It gives a solid grounding in, and knowledge of, experiential shamanic magic and is designed to enable Students to become Walkers Between Worlds.

I do not give a certificate of graduation.  Shamanism is invisible and cannot be accredited in the common academic way.

You will know for yourself when Otherworld calls you “Elder” … and that will be your initiation at the end of the 3 years. This is why there are no certificates. It is not I who judge you, you bring yourself before Otherworld and they show and tell you where and what you are. You cannot do that in ordinary human terms of pieces of paper.

Being a shaman doesn’t mean you have to go round dressed in feathers and war-paint, although you can if you like. The people who’ve gone through the process, so far, have been all sorts of things … teacher, policewoman, scientist, computer boffin, artist, poet, ecologist, legal secretary, garden centre owner, anything a human being can do. They mostly still do the same sort of thing they did before but they do it a lot differently! RW has expanded how they see the world and so how they relate to it, and how useful they are to Mother Earth.

Your main subjects of study are  ..

  • Spiritual anatomy and engineering: including the chakras but from a place and in a way you probably never thought of before, a Celtic way.
  • Journeying – how to look after yourself doing this, very consciously, retaining choice throughout, AND learning not to harm anything else (even by accident) while you’re out there!
  • Biodynamics – a shamanic way of working with plants, gardens farming in the widest possible sense.
  • Healing – which is about Thread-Twining & Weaving.
  • Mastery – which is about SELF-MASTERY, learning to use your skills for the benefit of all creation. It includes seeing across time & space, and walking between worlds. You’ll understand this better as you go through the work.

Doing the Work …

You get 8 lessons each year – one for each of the 8 seasons of the Celtic year …

  • Samhain
  • Midwinter
  • Imbolc
  • Spring
  • Beltane
  • Midsummer
  • Lammas
  • Autumn

NB – if you live in the southern hemisphere you will celebrate the opposite season to us here in the north.

The course is hard work. It is largely experiential, about knowing of and for yourself, not parroting book learning or someone else’s experience. Then you distil, draw out the essence, the salient points of the knowing you have gained from doing the work.

You have a fair bit of reading, including fiction, in addition to your course notes. Each lesson you …

  • celebrate the season,
  • read and internally digest the lore;
  • make a journey and taleweave that journey into a story, write it up and send to me; you read a story and a book;
  • make one of the hallows, which includes journeying and ritual.
  • tell me what has changed for you. I give you a set of questions at the end of each lesson to help you with this, so you realise what you know, what you’ve learned and what’s changed. It’s the changes I’m interested in :-).


At the end of September/beginning of October in your 3rd year there is a 2 week workshop on Exmoor, a very beautiful and magical place, with many sacred sites.

The workshop is experiential. It is an essential part of the process, this two weeks of the workshop, living and working very intensely with me, the other 2 w/s tutors and your colleagues. You live and work in the middle of scared places, tapping into their energy and wisdom, learning to work with them directly, and to work as a group. It is the completion of your three years’ training. It culminates in an initiation ritual, at grove up on the wilds of Exmoor that has been used for this purpose for 4000 years. You devise, this ritual as part of your work during the two weeks.

I share this teaching with 2 colleagues who are RW graduates. Your job is to show the 3 of us what you know – show NOT tell !!! Our job is to trick and tease you every which way so that you know just how skilled and competent you are 🙂

We spend a lot of time outside, working at the sacred sites, including some nightwork, and we do a dream incubation. You will be continually on your toes, being challenged, thinking on your feet … just as you will have to do from then on in your life and work as a shaman.

We stay in a beautiful, old farmhouse just at the top of the hill from one of the sacred sites we use. You will be in single or twin bedrooms; there are showers and baths, washing machine, dryers, dishwasher, wood-burning stove, central heating. we 3 tutors do all the cooking and you students do the washing-up – with the aid of the dishwasher so it’s not very arduous. The food is local, organic and some will be biodynamic, as well as home cooked. I usually make bread every day too. We can cater for all diets – just tell us what you need.

Being a Warrior …

In the course, you come to know (not believe) that the Earth is alive, has a spirit. In the Celtic tradition The Earth goes under several names, but the overall term is Sovereignty, Sovereignty is the spirit of the Land, the Earth herself. The elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water – animals, trees, plants, fish, birds, insects, the very soil itself, all have spirit. Your work, over the three years, is to learn to contact, listen to and converse with these spirits in order to bring back the gifts and knowledge they have for the benefit of the Earth – not just humanity but the whole Earth and everything that lives and moves and breathes therein. The shaman is the intercessor between these spirits, otherworld and his people. The shaman knows respect for all life, whether it has the same shape as him or her self, the same number of legs, the same language. The shaman knows Life, and soul (anima) and spirit in all things. This is animism. Anima is the soul and animists (and shamans) know the soul within everything – even if many folk cannot see or know it. Shamans learn respect and responsibility, knowing that every action really does have its equal and opposite reaction … in the east, they call this karma, in Britain the ancient word is geas which has more of the idea of duty, respect and responsibility behind it. Geas is the promise, and whatever promise you make you will be held to. The shaman knows this, hence he does not make promises lightly.

In Britain, the old ways are still handed down, but they are well hidden from ordinary view. Many people are unaware that Britain has a living tradition. Rainbow Warriors is one way of handing that tradition on, in ways which make it very pertinent to the 21st century in which we live. Rainbow Warriors are able to help those they come in contact with in many ways, healing can take many forms besides the simple ‘curing’ of an ailment. Rainbow Warriors are especially concerned with human beings’ relationship with the Land and the Earth. They carry their magical work into their everyday jobs, like accountancy, ecology, teaching, engineering, business, counselling, psychotherapy and the arts. This is practical shamanism. Always, shamans are part of their community and that still follows today.

If you think this course might be for you read my book Dreamweaver. This gives the basic tenets used in the course and shows you how I work. If you find yourself comfortable with this then Rainbow Warriors may be for you.

  • Warriors know themselves, and so are honest with themselves and with everyone else.
  • Warriors honour their commitments.
  • Warriors put the Earth and all that lives and moves and has its being therein, before themselves.

Is this what you want? If so, complete and send the application form to begin the process …

Elen Sentier

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Creative Community

One of my happiest memories from childhood revolved, perhaps unsurprisingly, around books. We didn’t have a television, and before bed, we gathered in the living room. Dad would read aloud, mother would sew or knit. My brother and I would draw while we listened, or I would practise my various needlecrafts too. I listened to Lord of the Rings, Douglas Adams, Alan Garner, Narnia – all manner of classics that fed and shaped my growing mind. It also formed my sense of how best to work.

In my teens, hanging out with other creative folk, we developed something similar – we would gather at someone’s house, bring books, sketching paper, writing equipment. Some of my happiest teenage memories are of groups of us, quietly working in the same space, listening to music, sharing our inspiration. I’ve been able to do similar things of late with Tom, James, and occasionally Tom’s son Cormac (who is a fine musician). Inspiration flows best where it is shared. Creating alone can be an isolating experience if you are a sociable person. Sharing space suits me far better. Such sharing enables collaboration and the movement of ideas, it creates nurturing, productive environments. There’s much benefit in feeling supported and being part of something bigger than just yourself.

The internet offers all kinds of spaces and communities where creative folk can interact. Some of them are inherently competitive, where folks are fighting for resources and opportunities. I don’t tend to go in for those. Most publishers have private spaces for staff and authors – those can be wonderful, sharing wisdom and taking everyone forward through mutual support. There is such a ‘back room’ here at pagan and pen, there is a community underpinning this blog, and it’s something I love being a part of. It’s not the same as working in shared space, but it is helpful and valuable none the less. Many of the spaces that enable people to chat and interact fall short because they don’t offer any way of taking things forwards. Facebook is a nice resource, but it doesn’t lend itself to making. I like www.deviantart.com because there is a sense of community there and folk helping each other improve. Most such spaces are little more than talking shops though, and there’s scope for doing so much more.

My fabulous agent, Killing the Grizzly, is going to launch a new collaborative space for comics folk. I don’t yet know the full plan, but the mission, as described on facebook, is as follows – “bringing together communities as part of the process of creating, producing, and promoting new creative works.” This sounds good to me. It won’t of course be quite as much fun as buying a big house and filling it with arty people, but it could just be the next best thing, and it’ll be far more widely accessible.

(If I am ever disgustingly successful, I will very likely do the big house full of creative folk thing.)

Ancient Calendar: Greece & Rome–Virgins and Games: July 9, 2010

Ever hear of the Greater Panathenæa? Well it happens to be a festival which the Greeks absolutely adored and was all in honor of their Goddess Anthena. She was the patron of war, enlightenment, art, etc. The Greater Panathenæa was a big deal to the Greeks because they would have HUGE festivities today including but not limited too–races, (single and grouped), other games, prizes, feasting, wrestling, contests, dancing, and tons more.

But while the Greeks were doing that, Romans were having yet another huge day on their side of the world all in honor of their Goddess Vesta who happened to be the Goddess of fire, hearth and home. Remember me telling you sometime back about the Vestal Virgins? Same deal, which goes to show you just how important this Goddess and her priestesses were and how it must have crushed many when Christianity drove them out of Rome.


Friday belongs to Frigga or Venus—Goddess of Love and Transformation.


Fridays are excellent days to deal with matters or magical spells & rituals concerning…

Family life, friendship, growth, harmony, love, romance, passion.


Planets & Elements

Venus and the element of Earth



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