Ancient Calendar: Dog Days, Dog Star, Dog Goddesses & more: July 3, 2010

Now I know I have been on a Royo art kick this week, but when I seen today’s Ancient calendar, it just SCREAMED another one of my favorite artists DARK NATASHA.  Just LOVE HER! Hoping to have her art on one of my novels some day. *sighs with my best dreamy eyes ever*

Anyway, today begins the DOG DAYS. How many of you have heard of that? We have them in the South, so pretty sure they are elsewhere in the world, too. However, I doubt the meaning of Dog Days in the South is even CLOSE to what the Ancients had in mind when they marked their calendars with the term DOG DAYS.

The Dog days are ruled by their own star, Sirius, a dog star–think Osiris, Horus, Anubis, and even Loki in Norse tradition.  Loki gets a bad rap in Norse mythology, though, because he is viewed as a bad, tricking, or evil god. For me, I don’t think that’s the case. But who am I to say? According to popular belief, though, one fact remains the same and maybe why he gets a bad rap. He is viewed as neither good or bad, he just gets his kicks by tricking gods and men in order to get what he wants. In all honesty, I am not sure what God doesn’t do a little of that lol.

Today also honors NOT just the Gods of Sirius, but a Goddess as well. Now we have all heard of Anubis in Egypt, but have you heard of Sopdet, a Goddess of Egypt? Well, she happens to be a Goddess of the Dog Star, and the Egyptians honored her on this day as well.

Aside from Dog Stars and the Gods and Goddesses honored for it, Greece has something completely different going down. They are having a festival for Athena.

And then in Welsh-land, they made today sacred to Cerridwen, their fertility Goddess.

Happy Dog Days everyone!!!

(If you have time, check out Dark Natashas website: Dark Natasha and fall in love with her worlds as I have.)



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One thought on “Ancient Calendar: Dog Days, Dog Star, Dog Goddesses & more: July 3, 2010”

  1. divine….
    All “creative arts” which include “writing”,”poetry”,”singing” “painting”,”photography”,and various” sports” ,and “hobbies “like “gardening”, “cooking “are like various paths and worship of works are prayers to bring subjective and objective together for creative enlightenment.

    your writing and blog are really creative enlightenment…

    bless you..


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