Dear Spirit, Friday, July 2, 2010-New job, same company; Mixtures of Suits in a Reading

“I’ve been working for a good company for a few months now, they offer decent benefits, including reimbursing you for any college or vocational school you go for.  There is much potential for growth. I’m interested in applying for a new position within the company, which I believe will be a good move in the right direction for me. What do the cards say? Thank you for your advice.” CWB, St. Louis, MO

In this recovering economy, it is always a positive message to hear that someone actually has opportunity open to them for something new, something more that allows for growth and possibility. As I shuffled the cards, the thought came to me that the company you are with has much potential, but I feel that isn’t as important in this instance as you developing your potential. My reaction is it is time to work smarter, not harder, and I think you are realizing this, too. With that stated, the cards pulled as follows: ‘9’ card-Illusion (The Moon), reversed; Six of Pentacles, reversed; Ace of Cauldrons, upright; and King of Pentacles, upright.

The reversed Illusion card tells me much. There is a lot going on inside you. You are feeling a rise in consciousness, a spiritual awakening. Karma is calling to you, it is time to sow a new path, one that no longer limits life for you. You’ve been receiving a lot of messages in your dreams, as the Illusion card is all about the subconscious and psychic abilities beginning to surface. My feeling is your intuition is on target and you should see where it leads you to as you have been dealing with emotional highs and lows trying to figure out who you are becoming. This is definitely a time when you need to follow your “gut”, not your reason because something is calling to you to open up yourself to the unlimited possibilities of the universe in your pursuit of a new and improved you. The reversed Six of Pentacles tells me the obvious urge, the surface urge for your desire for change is that money is tight right now and you are looking for more stability in terms of your finances, hence an allegedly better paying position. That’s fine, but the energy surrounding you is insisting there is more for you on many other levels ON TOP OF better money and that is the “voice” you should be listening to in the long run. If your company offers, as a benefit to you, tuition reimbursement, you should definitely pursue whatever training and/or education you can in order to better yourself on all levels. The upright Ace of Cauldrons tells me new beginnings are definitely on the horizon, odds are you will get the job you’re interested in because all aces are about new beginnings, and the number ‘1’ is the number of creative power and potential. The trick is to see what you can do with all this power coming at you and how you can utilize it to make the most of your possibilities. The King of Pentacles, upright, tells me you are going to work with an individual who will more than likely be in a supervisory position over you who has a lot of good old fashioned common sense. This individual has made a lot of money through hard work and patience, realizing if one plays the “game” right, money will flow. The upright King of Pentacles is telling me if you continue to apply yourself, you can reach great heights in your quest for success, but have patience, be methodical and plan well for better and much longer lasting results.  Good fortune to you, CWB!


When you perform a tarot reading, don’t limit your interpretations to the face value depicted on the cards. One of the first things I do when pulling a spread is gather them in, psychically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Let’s say your client asks a question about his love life. Just because he asks about that area, does not mean all cups will appear. As a general rule, the tarot always tells the querent what they need to hear, not what they desire to hear. In fact, if too many of one suit appears in a spread, it is generally indicative of imbalance. Too many cups, for this particular querent, may indicate entirely too much emotional energy, while a predominance of Pentacles could mean the querent is too materialistic with regard to his approach to the relationship.

CUPS: Cups are linked to matters of the heart. They relate how we FEEL about people, situations, and things. The Cups are also connected to the imagination, psychic activity, dreams , visualization, inner processes, relationships, receptivity and reflection, fantasy and fertility. Cups symbolize the heart, the emotional center and the womb which nurtures and creates new growth. The element water represents feelings. A full cup that runneth over can represent emotional abundance while a closed or upside down cup, can be indicative of a lack of emotional expression or creativity. When Cups appear in a spread they are telling the reader how the querent feels emotionally about their question. When Cups appear with Wands it is telling us how we feel emotionally about our relationships, ideals, goals, aspirations and dreams. It can also reveal how you apply energy (Wands) toward manifesting or creating your dreams. When Cups appear with Swords we are now applying codes of morality and ethics, the right and wrong of our approach to our relationships, ideals, goals, aspirations or dreams. When Cups appear with Pentacles, this appearance can indicate how we feel about the physical aspects of our lives (for example, career, property, finances, etc.)

WANDS: Ideals aspirations, dreams, energy, growth, enterprise, animation, glory, self-growth, inspiration, spirit, initiation, enthusiasm, desire, passion, perception, action, movement, optimism, sexuality…the Wands respond to questions having to do with job, school, career or a creative venture or project. Wands are the life-force energy to make you want to work to obtain your desires. If Wands appear with Cups it is how you apply your ideals and energy toward your emotional state of mind and how you feel emotionally about your methods used to manifest your dreams. If Wands appear with Swords it means that you are now questioning how moral your ideals, aspirations and dreams are, but as much as you want to do something, when Swords come into the picture, the morality about your wish or desire comes into play. You really are weighing the pros and cons of your approach to achieving your dreams. If Wands appear with Pentacles it is HOW you apply your ideals, dreams and aspirations in ways that actually physically create your destiny. When these two suits combine, they deal with the physical manifestation of your goals.

SWORDS: this suit is all about morality, ethics, the right and/or wrong. The Swords are associated with those areas of life which must be taken very seriously such as trouble, strife, courage, authority, health, laws and so forth. Swords will always indicate a mental level of consciousness. Any time that you pull a Sword, it will indicate the quality of mind that is present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs at that time. If Swords appears with Cups, questions arise about the morality of your question, and concerns your morals and ethics in relationship to your emotional state of being regarding your question. For example, if you ask about the success of your adulterous love affair, the Sword is a serious indicator of the internal battle between your idea of right and wrong about the issue. If Swords appear with Wands you are now applying your morals to your actions used to create your ideal situation, aspirations and dreams. If Swords appear with Pentacles, there are questions concerning the moral issues resulting from the physical manifestations of the pursuit of your dreams, i.e., absolute power corrupts absolutely, if you become greedy in your success, that imbalance could lead to a painful loss of that you have worked so hard to acquire.

PENTACLES: this suit is all about physical things and manifestation on the material plane. The Pentacles are the results of what we do with our lives in order to manifest physicality and is associated with money, goods, services, work, our status in relationship to property and possessions. When the Pentacles and Cups appear in a reading, this combination deals with how we feel emotionally about the physical things in our life. When Pentacles and Wands show, it is what we do with our creative energy (Wands) which will decide the quality of Pentacles produced. We can have positive achievements or negative, we can produce loss or abundance. When Pentacles and Swords appear, it means that it is time to deal with the moral and ethical issues of our physical acquisitions we gain throughout our life.

When I read a spread, I allow the energy exchange between myself and the querent, the marvelous imagery of a tarot deck, the numerological, astrological, psychological aspects of the cards to guide me in assisting a querent. I respect the tarot for what it is, a powerful tool that can provide the answer one seeks, provided the reading is approached with respect and an open mind.

Until next month, everyone, enjoy your Independence Day in a way most suited to you and yours. Above all be safe and have fun!


Erin Sinclair, “For love that’s out of this world!” (

Coughing Up Bones

Owls swallow things whole and later cough up the indigestible bits. There is a lot of owl in my psyche, and I’ve been swallowing things whole for a lot of years. I hadn’t worked out how to cough up the hard, spiky, unusable stuff. Until now. How to hold my sense of self and not continually swallow the expectations, demands and criticism of others. I want to learn from my mistakes, I want to be a better sort of person but that does not mean everyone who criticises me is right and should be heeded. That actually took a lot of figuring out. There are people for whom I will never be enough, do enough, give enough or accept enough crap from them to make them happy. No amount of swallowing the bones can turn those into good relationships. Time to follow the way of the owl, and cough up what I cannot digest.

I don’t know if I would have got here by myself. The support of people who not only love me for who I am, for all of it, but celebrate how I am, relish my nature, my emotions and so forth, changes everything. Seeing myself reflected in the eyes of people who love me, value me, makes me see things anew. Makes me question the need to swallow bones.

I’ve spent a lot of my time seeking affection and approval, willing to jump through any hoop, any kind of conditional requirements because I didn’t think I was worth much. I spent too many years being told that my unhappiness stemmed from my inability to appreciate what I’d got. Asking for more led to recriminations, how could I not see how much I was getting? How could I be so unreasonable as to want more? I should be giving more. I apologised, so many times, for being unhappy, soul hungry for things I did not know how to name. I did a lot of trying to live with less, want less, ask for less. It didn’t help, and I came to feel that any request for care or assistance was too big an ask. I’ve spent the last year learning different ways of being. With love, care and respect in my life, inspiration and kindness, I am not soul hungry any more.

Everybody has faults and failings. Everybody makes mistakes. To love someone is to accept their imperfection and to talk through gently where needs or ideas conflict. I love my child. I am trying to help him grow, and that means that I have to tell him when he isn’t on the right track. I do so as gently as I can, I support him in working out how to do better, and that doesn’t damage his self esteem. Instead, it helps him grow and there is a lot of trust between us. I’ve watched how my beloved Tom has supported me this last year, with patience, listening as I work things through. I needed to grow and change. He has nurtured me and helped me flourish, never clipped my wings or wounded my heart. I am a work in progress. As I learn, I try to find better ways of being and giving.

If you focus on criticism and picking up where a person is wrong, then that can come to define a relationship. The parent who only pays attention to a child to yell at them for mistakes is not helping them develop into a rounded and functional person. The same is true in any relationship. No one is perfect. Everyone needs to be encouraged, to have positive reinforcement for the things they do right. A barrage of criticism pushes people away from each other, and seldom fixes anything. Be kind where you can. Listen. Take an interest. Be as patient as you are able. Everyone has the scope to be learning and growing, we can support each other in that if we choose. If all someone does is pile on blame and criticism, there is no requirement to swallow that whole or to keep it inside and be cut up by the sharpness of it. Coughing up the bones is a liberating process, currently I am learning to see what is not me, and what I do not need to own. There is a new kind of peace in my heart. I accept that I’m not going to please everyone, that in fact I don’t have to please everyone. If who I am is not enough for someone else, I’m not morally obliged to take that personally and strive to be more for them. It is my desire to be an honourable person, to act well and with care and respect. There is only so much you can do when that isn’t reciprocated.

This morning, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the sheer loveliness of my child, and the soul-deep gorgeousness of my lover. Between them, they have changed how I see myself, and how I understand the world as a consequence. They love me as I am. I will strive to be better because I want to, but they love me as I am. Blessed with that, I do not need to swallow any more spiky meals from people who never wanted me as I am. I cough up the bones.

Ancient Calendar: For the Mothers: July 2, 2010

In ancient calendar, today would have been the Feast of Expectant Mothers in Rome. If you have been following these, then you know that I pointed out awhile back that Ancient Civilizations usually revolved around fertility (got to have those heirs), prosperity (need the thrones and power) and most importantly, agriculture. Because none of the others would due if everyone starved. This is another classic example as pregnant women of Rome would go to their favorite temples on this day paying homage to their favorite Goddess of fertility.



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