Seeking Wisdom

After nine years of hard journeying,

Scouring the secret ways,

Following the threads of old clues

To unravel the mystery

He comes at last to a pool

Where nine hazel trees grow

And drinks the water.

Beneath the surface, salmon swim,

Legendary wise, their flesh miraculous

He has come a long way

For the sake of them.

He drinks the water, cool, sweet.

The salmon do not get out to piss

But he no longer cares, he has found,

The source of the tale, the tail of a fish.

All the wisdom in the world will be his

If he catches and eats one.

Nine years. Nine hazels.

He watches a nut fall, a fish take it.

How long might a man sit here,

Seeking to snare a wisdom rich life?

How many swimmers remain in the pool?

Who else will come to kill and eat?

To take what they have slowly gleaned.

A nut fall sends ripples to him.

The trees are heavy with them.

They will fruit again next year.

Scales sparkle in sunlit beauty.

Having found the wonder, must he destroy?

A nut falls into his lap, he takes the offering,

Breaks open, eats, knows the wood flesh taste,

Sweet and good.

There are enough here to feed

All who hunger for insight.

A taste of possibility, an inspiration seed

On a journey to knowledge won,

Not stolen.

Nine years of soul-pressed questing

He will not kill the fish,

But leaves lightly, leaves well.

Knows he is blessed,

Seeks a new road

With a peaceful heart.

More peotry from me availble here

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