We decided to make the first of the month, every month, Excerpt Day!

The Pagan and the Pen has a lot of authors writing for us. We have artists, musicians, poets and loads of other wonderful professions. The first of the month will be their day to give you something free from the talented things that they do.

If they have a book or books out, then this will be their day to post an excerpt (a sample chapter, or partial, or tidbit) from that book. (Something which hasn’t been posted a million other places.) They can include a book trailer (I love those) and whatever other cool thing–(maybe a contest so you can win a free book, etc?) HINT HINT AUTHORS!!!

For those who work in theater, music, art…this is also their chance to chalk up some freebies (video, samples, sneak peeks, news) and drag us all into their world.


Now this will only happen on the first of every month, so keep watch!


And thanks to all those who contribute ahead of time.

And thanks to all the readers who keep coming back for more!



C.H. Scarlett

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