Ancient Calendar: Nostradamus Predictions Rings True: July 1, 2010






Well, for those who doubt Nostradamus, you can chalk at least one truth up to his Prophecies. That’s right, he predicted his death and today is the day he made it happen. In 1566 he said he would die and he did. But Nostradamus was not just about prophecies. He was also a noted mathematician, astronomer, and physician. In fact, during the horrendous black plague he created a pill made from roses which turned out to be a monster-bite of Vitamin C.

July 1 is also the Kalends of July according to Roman Calendar.



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3 thoughts on “Ancient Calendar: Nostradamus Predictions Rings True: July 1, 2010”

  1. Whether or not his predictions were true, he was a knowledge physician and many of his cures live on today. Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) was a psychic who studied Nostradomus and believed that people could in fact heal through various methods. During the thousands of readings he gave over his lifetime, he often diagnosed illnesses and recommended cures. Often times, the person didn’t even know they were ill but later confirmed Cayce’s diagnosis with a medical doctor. A practitioner of holistic medicine, Cayce is credited with curing everything from bad breath to cancer.


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