Rain …

beans alongside flower beds

After 10 days of dry and hot we had some really good rain last night. The garden is really happy, the scents fantastic and the whole feel is a loss of stress from trying to capture moisture from the dew and reach it in the ground. Nice warm sun now so all the young plants and seedlings lapping it up, they should grow on really well.

There was nearly a disaster though … I’d realised it was going to rain but forgot to bring in the young tomato and pepper plants last night before I went to bed. the gods and my spirit gang were onto me thank goodness :-), they woke me not long afte the rain had started so I galloped (Nah! read staggered 🙂 ) down the stairs and out the French windows to haul them in, first under the porch and then into the kitchen. Got somewhat wet … understatement of the century LOL. I’ll be sooooooooooo glad when the greenhouse is up and they can all live in there … then I’ll be worrying about overheating. The lot of a gardener about rates with that of Gilbert & Sullivan’s policeman :-).

But it is good, the garden is doing very well now I can get out there and I’m loving it. Ate first peas, broad beans and raspberries yesterday – not all in the same dish LOL. The first beetroot was good too over the weekend and the perpetual spinach is living up to its name.

I’d love to get some more fruit trees – plum, peach, cherry, pear and more apples – but where am I going to put them? I need to steal some of John’s field *g*. there are a couple of bits right outside my hedge that he doesn’t use … I wonder ???

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