Mistress Rae’s Musings: on BP Blunder

I’ve known for a long time that man would be the cause of his own downfall, destroying himself quicker than anything else, often the catalyst for bigger things to come.

The BP oil spill is one of those things.

Man has slit one of Mother Earth’s carotid arteries, and she’s been hemorrhaging for70 days and counting.

What amazes me more is that those who want to try and help with either cleaning up what animals they find, or try to clear away what bits of sludge that washes up on the shores, ‘those on high’ tell them not to.

My question is:

Why stop those who want to HELP? Does anyone smell another greed-driven conspiracy?

I’m sure most of us know that ‘greed’ plays factor in this. I’ve never been a fan of politics. It’s a liar’s game. Once the greed and lies override one’s common sense and integrity, you know the human race is done for. Anyone in their right mind would employ all the help they could get in getting our shorelines cared for. Just give folks a bit of training in how to handle and clean up oil-slicked animals. I’m sure there are many willing to volunteer their time because they have a heart and expect nothing in return.

Several ecosystems are now destroyed.

People’s livelihoods are at stake.

And still, those higher-ups expect them to just sit around and wait.

WHAT?! 70 days and counting, people.

That’s how long this spill has been going. It feels like ‘they’ aren’t in a big rush to do anything about it. If folks start resorting to performing vigilante acts of heroism, I wouldn’t be surprised, and would commend them. Maybe that’s EXACTLY what we need, VIGILANTE HEROES. Screw the greedy liars and let’s help ourselves by helping the planet. I’m sure Mother Earth is getting right sick and tired of those insane, leeching little parasites called humans mucking up everything….

2 thoughts on “Mistress Rae’s Musings: on BP Blunder”

  1. I am like you, enraged over this BUT, as I discussed with a friend earlier, I think anger could have a positive outcome on this one IF people stop to think about what kind of impact it can have. While I know people are losing money (Fisherman, etc) and that our ocean life is being destroyed, tourism is affected which means all sorts of small businesses are hit, then maybe, just maybe this will give us the kick we need to get off our oil addictions. Let’s face it, everyone keeps trying to think of WHERE can we drill next…or how to drill safer. Maybe thats not what we need to focus on. Maybe we need to focus on GREENER and SAFER kinds of energy. After all, if a wind mill collapses in the ocean by a storm, what’s it gonna kill?

    I know the Conspiracy theoriests are having a field day with this as well, and while I think many of them have correct claims, I think they are even going down with the same boat they are screaming to sink. We are on the verge of change. And sometimes to get people to let go and let that change happen, we have to pull the rug out from under them. Now thats a horrible way to see it done but when you have big money players, politicians, and everyone else with power involved, sometimes all hell has to break lose to get the OTHER money players, politicians, and everyone else with power involved and then THE PEOPLE (US) screaming and demanding that enough is enough.

    I refuse to think that people like BP call the shots or will forever. I refuse to think that this horrible thing means nothing except death, and mayhem. I’d like to think all of the death and destruction will mean something….like a positive future…cleaner energy, etc. I think it can if we can get our energy focused on that. That’s just me though.


    1. I would like to think that ‘out of the negative comes positive’ myself, but I can’t help to think of the ecosystem and the animals along the shoreline having to suffer because of man’s greed. it’s so sad and depressing. Let’s HOPE that after this fiasco, more people WILL find and use greener safer energy. (^_^)


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