Ancient Calendar: The Irish Goddess Aine, Healing Well : June 25, 2010


I tell ya, the Irish are living it up this week, or would have if we were still muckin’ about back in their Ancient day!

Ok, for all those forty-shades of green fans, I have some lore for you and for those who are about to go to Ireland, I have a bit of a treasure hunt as well.

Today the Irish would have celebrated and honored their Goddess named Aine, who was the patron of love, restoration, fertility, AND eternal life.

Sheesh, talk about having a lot on your plate! Oh well, she’s a woman and a goddess so there is no doubt in my mind she can totally handle it.

Aine was the daughter of Manannan Mac Llyr and the legend goes that she’d appear to men in the form of a sidhé and become their Fairy Lover. How cool is that for you guys?

Now the awesome thing about today’s ancient bit of history, is that we don’t really hear a lot about the Irish pantheon. We hear all about Fairies, Leprechauns, and Irish lore, but not really so much about their Goddesses, Gods, or their Holy Grails.

What? Did I say Holy Grails?

Well, yes I did, and the reason for that is, there happens to be a WELL in Ireland, if you can find it, once called (and maybe still) Tobar-Na-Aine. Now that title meant, Well of Aine, and the belief was that the waters from this well could make the sick healthy again. Not only can it mend what ails you, but it can also restore your youth!

(Who wants to make a water run to Ireland with me?)



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