Ancient Calendar: Old Midsummer, Lamps at Zau: June 24, 2010

We have a VERY interesting Ancient Calendar today and it all revolves around herbs, plants, fires, and magic. In ancient calendars past, today was considered to be Old Midsummer day. So if you were trudging through the countryside, it would have been normal to see huge bonfires burning on the top of hills, and or many gatherers out there picking herbs, harvesting plants, and so forth.

See on Midsummer day, the power and healing properties herbs and plants are known to have, are intensified big time! So this day was excellent for grabbing what one needed for potions, spells, healing, and or so on.

This day was also all about celebrating the highest point of the year.  It was a time when the sun and our solar system (celestial sphere) moved equally towards the stationary stars.


Now off to Ancient Egypt….

In Egypt, there was once a city called Zau (today Sa el-Hagar) located in what is known as the Nile Delta. Once long, long ago, when Egypt was true to their gods & goddesses, a great festival would be had in Zau where all would gather and burn lamps.

If you would like to read more on the Dynasty and those of Zau, I found these links for you:

Sais, Egypt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zau (Sais)




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