E-reader Price Wars

While we move even further into a technological age…while we each try to live greener, many of the devices that would help us to do so are still pretty steep for the average person. In fact, how many of you out there would just LOVE to own an E-reader, so that you can get books NOW, save travel to the book stores, and don’t have to feel guilty about destroying a tree for something you may only read…onc


Well until there are more to choose from, then E-readers can go as steep as they want. However, today, times, they are a’ changin’.

Amazon hold onto your Kindle because your competition just stepped up to the plate. Borders has announced that they WILL be releasing their own line of Readers—all different prices—all different types and grades.


The e-reader news that can bring cheers to e-book lovers is the recent announcement by Borders that they would launch 10 new models of e-readers towards the end of this year, which they hope will lead to a positive affect on their image and bring its status up a notch. So to the Books, Music and Cafe mentioned above, you can add E-Reader as well. Its not that the electronic readers are anything new to them. They did stock the Sony e-readers for a few years in a row. The bookseller has a new offer, presenting the Aluratek Libre e-Book Reader Pro at a price as low as $119. In a press release, the bookseller stated that this is “significantly lower in cost than many e-readers now available.”  Border has developed a tactic which covers the various price ends, by beginning with a low rate of $100. Also, their decision to sell the Libre is in addition to the Kobo which they had unveiled just last month. Also, the price at which the Libre is made available is $30 less than the Kobo e-reader. SOURCE


Now what does this mean? It means that the MORE companies create, the more they upgrade, the more they better the product, the more they will compete. And the more they compete, the less E-readers will come to cost. Don’t believe me?

Think about how much a Desktop computer used to cost, or what a Laptop or Notebook was, and now how much is it? You can buy Notebooks at Walmart now (catching sales etc) for a little over $200.00.

And while some people still prefer the feel of an actual book in their hands, I am pretty sure they will even end up with an E-reader some day. Why? Steals and Deals for one and the ability to grab a book immediately. Convenience.

As a group of "hip grannies’ (their nickname) told me at a Borders one day,

"We realized that the less books we had, the less we had to dust and the less space we needed. So, we bought an E-reader. And now if we REALLY like the book, we buy it in print."

These ladies even had a system to it all, on whether they would buy the book in print. If they read the book more than twice, then they would buy it up in print. If it was a series that they couldn’t get enough of, then they would buy it in print. If it was an author that they were fans of…print.

But even still, they would buy the books for their E-readers FIRST. Why? Well they claimed they didn’t have to wait. One even said that at first, she got her granddaughter to download it for her, but now she is a ‘cool- thinking- cat’ and can do it herself with no probs.

So, eventually, everyone will make the shift, I think, in one form or another. But first, the prices need to drop. And by the looks of what is brewing on the horizon…they are.

Give em hell Borders! Give em hell!




And thanks to those hip grannies, who I just fell madly in love with.



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