Ancient Calendar: June 17, 2010

Way back in the Ancient day, the Romans had a thing called Ludi Piscatari which was a sacred time for Fisherman. Hey, fisherman were very important in Ancient times. In many societies, that was an easy score for meals—fish.

Now over in Greece, they were honoring a Nymph (they really dug those) named Eurydice. This is a rather interesting tale. See, Eurydice was married to Orpheus but was killed after a serpent bit her. Her hubby wasn’t about to let her go (awwwwwww true love) so he follows her spirit into the Underworld and sings a tune for Persephone. Well Persephone, a kind heart, and totally moved by the song, allowed him to take his woman BACK to the Land of the Living on one condition… (there is always a catch, isn’t there?). On the way out of Hades, he could not look back. Sounds easy enough, though, right? Well, he screwed it up lol. He looked and because of that, his woman was bound to stay in the Underworld. COMPLETE BUMMER!

We have a Festival of the Bards beginning in the evening hours (Wheres Brynneth?). The Welsh would have allowed the Gwl o Bardd go on until sundown June 22.



Need Your Wyntress Nyght fix?

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Quote from Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack

While doing a crossword puzzle…

Jinx asks: “What’s a thirteen letter word for rebirth?”

Wyntress replies: “Regurgitation.”

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