Positive Thoughts

The first time I felt the effects of other people’s positive thoughts, was on the day of my Gran’s funeral. I’d been close to Gran, and was distressed over losing her. I’d also agreed to sing at the funeral – she was a folky too, and we felt it right to sing her on her way. Being the most used to public performance, I offered. I knew it would be the hardest thing I’d ever done.

In the car on the way there, I had an awareness of all those people whose thoughts were travelling with me. People who kept me in their hearts that day, who wished me the strength to get through. It made a lot of odds. When the time came to sing (unaccompanied, in the church and stood next to the coffin) I was very aware of Gran being there too. It’s one of those memories that still brings a lump to my throat some years on. Singing is one of the hardest things to do in grief – it snarls up your voice. I got through it though.

On Sunday, when I started talking on facebook, the egroups and in person with friends and family about what was happening, I felt again that powerful sense of community and support. Words of kindness, advice and insight came in from across the globe. The international druid community is a wonder, and I am also part of an international folk community, and a community of authors. I am touched, and affected by how people rally to each other in times of crisis. Those words of support make such a lot of odds.

I believe that will accounts for a lot. There are folks who seem to drift through life unconsciously blundering into things and with no control over self or destiny. But most people have a sense of direction, dreams that help them orientate, desires that they seek to make manifest. Most of us (I hope!) do the things we will. Every event and human experience is the consequence of wills meeting, conflicting, compromising or collaborating to make ways forward that weren’t quite what anyone pictured, more often than not. Then there’s also the issue of deity, ancestors, the will of the land, the will of government, and all the other tides that might well have intentions of their own.

I believe that to a large extent, magic is the bringing of will into the world in a way that changes things. Over the weekend there were a lot of people willing us well. A simple, clear focus – to find a way through the current trials for myself and Tom. Candles were lit, prayers offered, magic undertaken and energy sent. I could feel it, the sense of this crashing wave of determination. A flow of will and blessing from all across the world.

Yesterday, Tom and I discovered that the situation is not at all what we imagined. We are not through it yet, but we have, by the looks of it, been put through hell due to an administrative and/or computer cock up. We can fight that. Keep your fingers crossed for us please! We aren’t in the clear yet, but we have hope. In the meantime what I can offer back to you is this. Magic works. Where there is sufficient need, desperation, focus and intent, things change. When Tom is here, I’m going to sit down and give some serious thought to what that means in a wider context because, people, the world is crying out for magic in so many ways.

6 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts”

  1. So glad to hear that the situation may not be as desperate as previously thought! 🙂 We will still keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Strength and courage to get through the next step…


    Pamela Daw


  2. It sounds like there is hope on the horizon and I wish the dawn of that day comes quickly for you both.

    I wish you both strength and courage of spirit to get there.

    Blessings and love to your Hearth,



  3. Put on the paperwork:

    I know a crazy ass Southern woman named C.H. Scarlett who carries a big damn stick. If ya’w don’t let my man and me hook up, she is coming over HERE to concur all of the UK. So do us all a favor…check the YES HE CAN MOVE HERE BOX, so the crazy woman stays the hell in the United States.


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