Goddesses of Prosperity

Spring/Summer energies are a great time to bring prosperity into your life. Here are a few Goddesses who can help:

Abundantia – Roman Goddess of prosperity, luck, and abundance.  She is the personification of wealth and riches, blessing all who ask to receive her gifts.  She is usually depicted as a beautiful maiden carrying a cornucopia from which she distributes food and money.  Her image was found on the coins of Roman emperors, and she is known to gamblers as ‘Lady Fortune’ or ‘Lady Luck.’

Anuket – Egyptian Goddess of the Overflow.  The personification of the annual flooding of the Nile River, Anuket is worshipped as an agricultural Goddess.  She nourishes the field and grains, bringing life, food, and prosperity to the land of Egypt.  Her name means embracer, and Her symbols are the cowrie shell, water jugs, the yoni, coins, and fish.  As Patroness of the poor, She supplies those in need with wealth and fertility.  Anuket is generally depicted as a gazelle, or as a full breasted woman with a reed and ostrich feather headdress.

Habondia – Germanic Earth Goddess.  Throughout Northern Europe, Habondia was worshipped as a harvest deity, granting abundance and prosperity to fields, crops and herds.  Infinitely generous, She promotes growth in all areas of life.

Inari – Japanese Goddess of Nourishment.  Inari is depicted in both male and female form.  As a goddess, She is seen as a young woman with long flowing hair; as a god Inari is represented by an old man with a beard.  She is the goddess of rice, and the patroness of farmers and merchants.  She bestows prosperity and abundance on all who honor Her.

Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Prosperity.  Lakshmi is the epitome of wealth and abundance in both the material and spiritual realms.  She rules prosperity in all its forms, and widely bestows Her gifts to those who are open to receive.  Celebrations of Lakshmi are held during the month of October.  She is generally pictured wearing red and gold, standing on a blooming lotus with gold coins pouring from Her hands.  Full moons are sacred to Her.

Text from The Goddess Guide

12 thoughts on “Goddesses of Prosperity”

  1. This is all demonic. There is no god by Yahweh, the one true God, and He will judge all who worship these pagan “gods” and “goddesses”, just like he did in the Old Testament. There is no true peace to be found in worshipping these idols, which are really just demons in disguise. It seems to be a flowery, mystical practice, but it is actually satanic in origin. Repent, and turn to the Lord your maker. Much love to you all. ❤


    1. It’s sad to hear that you believe that. The gods and goddesses that I worship do not judge anyone. We are allowed to have our own beliefs. I do not judge what you believe, and it is not your place to judge anyone else. You are not a god, or are you? I pray for you to have an open mind. Having a closed mind and a closed heart can lead to nothing but pain and despair. Does your God instruct you to go about the world judging and shaming others for what they believe in? If so, I’m very grateful that he is not my God. The gods and goddesses that I believe in love people exactly the way they are, including those who are ignorant of ways other than their own. Blessed be, dear spirit, find peace within yourself.


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