39 Days of Prayer – Day 23

Day 23 – Manifesting Dreams

Spider Woman – Creatrix Goddess of Native America.  Spider Woman is known throughout many Native American tribes as the Great Teacher, the Creator of Life, and the weaver of dreams.  She is the guardian of all existence on earth and She uses Her power to weave the fabric of time and to bind physical reality to the unknown.

Spider Woman, Weaver of Dreams and Great Teacher

You walk between the worlds, spinning and connecting the threads of reality

Teaching humanity how to change dreaming idleness into waking action

I honor you, and give thanks for your awareness.

I humbly call to you now

as the time has come for me to create the abundant life I am meant to have.

As you teach me to weave the pattern of existence

Bless me with the insight to separate my illusions from my truth

Allow my dreams and goals to align with my highest good.

I now step into your line of sight, Spider Woman

Where with your power healing and strengthening my will,

I create, build, and manifest.

Blessed be.

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