39 Days of Prayer – Day 24

Day 24 – An Evening Prayer for Insight


You who are the All and the Void

Thank you for wrapping your essence around me as I sleep, and keeping me from harm.

And as I rest, may the pieces of my energy

that  I have knowingly and unknowingly separated from my body and spirit

come home to me.

In my slumber I am revived, made whole and complete,

ready to accept the wisdom and insight you provide me in dreams.

I embrace and hold you to me, Goddess/God

And I am grateful for your protection and instruction.

Blessed be.

Goddesses of Prosperity

Spring/Summer energies are a great time to bring prosperity into your life. Here are a few Goddesses who can help:

Abundantia – Roman Goddess of prosperity, luck, and abundance.  She is the personification of wealth and riches, blessing all who ask to receive her gifts.  She is usually depicted as a beautiful maiden carrying a cornucopia from which she distributes food and money.  Her image was found on the coins of Roman emperors, and she is known to gamblers as ‘Lady Fortune’ or ‘Lady Luck.’

Anuket – Egyptian Goddess of the Overflow.  The personification of the annual flooding of the Nile River, Anuket is worshipped as an agricultural Goddess.  She nourishes the field and grains, bringing life, food, and prosperity to the land of Egypt.  Her name means embracer, and Her symbols are the cowrie shell, water jugs, the yoni, coins, and fish.  As Patroness of the poor, She supplies those in need with wealth and fertility.  Anuket is generally depicted as a gazelle, or as a full breasted woman with a reed and ostrich feather headdress.

Habondia – Germanic Earth Goddess.  Throughout Northern Europe, Habondia was worshipped as a harvest deity, granting abundance and prosperity to fields, crops and herds.  Infinitely generous, She promotes growth in all areas of life.

Inari – Japanese Goddess of Nourishment.  Inari is depicted in both male and female form.  As a goddess, She is seen as a young woman with long flowing hair; as a god Inari is represented by an old man with a beard.  She is the goddess of rice, and the patroness of farmers and merchants.  She bestows prosperity and abundance on all who honor Her.

Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Prosperity.  Lakshmi is the epitome of wealth and abundance in both the material and spiritual realms.  She rules prosperity in all its forms, and widely bestows Her gifts to those who are open to receive.  Celebrations of Lakshmi are held during the month of October.  She is generally pictured wearing red and gold, standing on a blooming lotus with gold coins pouring from Her hands.  Full moons are sacred to Her.

Text from The Goddess Guide

39 Days of Prayer – Day 23

Day 23 – Manifesting Dreams

Spider Woman – Creatrix Goddess of Native America.  Spider Woman is known throughout many Native American tribes as the Great Teacher, the Creator of Life, and the weaver of dreams.  She is the guardian of all existence on earth and She uses Her power to weave the fabric of time and to bind physical reality to the unknown.

Spider Woman, Weaver of Dreams and Great Teacher

You walk between the worlds, spinning and connecting the threads of reality

Teaching humanity how to change dreaming idleness into waking action

I honor you, and give thanks for your awareness.

I humbly call to you now

as the time has come for me to create the abundant life I am meant to have.

As you teach me to weave the pattern of existence

Bless me with the insight to separate my illusions from my truth

Allow my dreams and goals to align with my highest good.

I now step into your line of sight, Spider Woman

Where with your power healing and strengthening my will,

I create, build, and manifest.

Blessed be.

39 Days of Prayer – Day 22

Day 22 – Connection

I enter into this day with the intention of self evolution

That I may grow and change into the healthy, whole person I am meant to be

Keep me mindful, Goddess

of your light that lives within me

I know you whisper to my mind, heart, and spirit

Prepare me to hear your voice as loud and clear as my own.

Help me to trust my intuition without fear, and to embrace my insights without embarrassment.

Teach me to sit still, and to wait on your instruction in all situations.

Remind me that no answer is my answer.

And please impart these lessons Goddess, with gentleness and love.

Thank you, Lady.

Blessed Be.