Gardening with the Moon: North & South – Hemispheres

As above so below is a watch-phrase for all esotericists … it works for biodynamic gardeners too … well sort of !!!

In the first article I talked about the rising and falling arcs of the Moon. These are the arcs she makes as she travels across the sky each night, for the first half of the month her arc rises higher and higher each night, for the second half it goes lower and lower. I said it’s a journey like that of the sun but where the sun takes the whole year to do its stuff the Moon only needs 28 days (a moon-th, month).

And … when it’s winter here in Britain it’s summer down there in Australia.

What’s down for me here is up for them there J. And that applies to the Moon’s rising and falling arcs too. So my sowing and planting time is Australia’s time to harvest and work with the parts of the plant above the ground.

  • This means that the sowing/planting times reverse depending on which hemisphere you’re in.

Through this period – 13 to 24 June – in the NORTHERN hemisphere – that’s all of us above the Equator, in Europe, Asia and North America – the Moon will be descending through the constellations of …

`abcde … that’s Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scales and Scorpion.

Each day, for us, the Moon’s arc gets lower and lower in the sky. This descending arc is when plants take root more easily, seeds spring to life better, transplanting plants, trees and shrubs is easier on the plants.

For you guys in the SOUTHERN hemisphere – that’s everyone below the equator, in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, South America and parts of South-East Asia – the Moon is still going to be in front of the same constellations I said above, but will actually be making a rising arc. So you will all be doing your stuff with the parts of the plant above the ground while I’m working on the root and soil stuff.

This reversal means it’s really sensible to get a Star Calendar that refers to the hemisphere (at least) where you live. It’s far less confusing until you get the principles under your belt and into your auto-pilot.

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