Poem written based on ‘Death Is The Teacher’

I had written about my vision of ‘Death’ being the teacher on my LJ a while ago.

A friend of mine on LJ, hardboiledbaby, was inspired to write a small poem based on my words.  I wanted to share it with you, it touched me so deeply that she would do this.
I hope you enjoy…

The path ahead is narrow
And leads to unknown lands
But raise your eyes, look
All whom you have touched are near
You travel not alone.

Death is the teacher
Everyday miracles seen with the clarity
Of a heart serene
Lessons of life and love, peace and eternity
Guide the spirit home.

The regrets of yesterday, cast off
Like so much jetsam
Lighten the load and free the soul
Breathe in joy, find your way
You travel not alone.

I have more about what I’m learning and Death being the teacher coming up in more posts.  Stay tuned!



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