Crimson Dawn sequel: “Double Vision, Double Minded – Part 1” to be released in June.

The sequel to my “Dimenlien Chronicles” series: “Crimson Dawn” will be released around June 19th.  The sequel is very long, over 107,000 words, so it will be broken up into three ‘shorts’.  Part 1 will introduce the cross-over scenario with guest characters found in my “GemInI Souls” series.  Namely Razeal, Irene Shannon and Mistress Garen.

It took me over a year and a half to get a handle on this sequel.  I’ve had to write out some of the characters as they have served their purpose, at least for this story line.  It’s been a hard road to hoe as so much of the story will be wrapped up with the sequel (s).  Once finished, I can then focus on how the heroes will deal with what’s been dealt to them.  The series will officially head in the direction the first story line of the Black Tigress leads up to.  I am excited about the prospects.  (Again, one of my ‘focuses’ in my fight.)

Also, my fantasy A/U series: “The Harp & Sword Chronicles” will have it’s sequel ‘short’, “The Vision”, released sometime in August.  I’m working on it today as I fluctuate back and forth between it and this blog day. 😉

I have to say that my favorite of all three story lines is my H & S Chronicles.  Thaddeus and Stephen are special to me as I devoted over 10 years to them.  My world for them is not as in depth as those worlds created by other fantasy authors, as I find myself wanting to just dive into the relationship between the boys more than I want to focus on the world around them, letting the history and development of that world unveil as they go on their adventures.  Not that there isn’t a world built up around them, but it’s mostly about them and how they deal with the Gods who want to control their lives.  Which belief system is right, or are they both right?  Is darkness pure evil?  Are there possible good things to be had when dealing with adversity?  Stephen, who is dealing with a terminal illness, must come to some conclusions as he is brought to understand that things spiritual are not as cut and dried as he had been taught.  And Thaddeus?  He just needs to realize that not all Gods are bad guys.  But it will take their love for each other to help both boys find their answers.

I’m very excited about these stories moving forward and hope to keep them as part of my focus to ‘live like there IS a tomorrow’.


2 thoughts on “Crimson Dawn sequel: “Double Vision, Double Minded – Part 1” to be released in June.”

  1. I’ve enjoyed working with you as well, Hon. 🙂 Once I get the final scene to “The Vision” worked out, then I can go over part 2 of “Double Vision, Double Minded” and send it off to you. 😉


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