39 Days of Prayer – Day 20

Day 20 – For the Earth

Aja – West African Goddess of Forests. Aja is worshipped throughout Nigeria and in the New World Yoruban tradition as wise woman and healer.  She rules over forests, woodlands, and the medicinal herbs found within them.  She teaches herblore to her followers, ensuring the physical and spiritual health of the tribe.

Corn Woman – also Corn Maiden, Corn Mother, Yellow Woman. Native American Goddess of Sustenance. Many Native American tribes honor Corn Woman, the personification of maize and the fertility of the earth.  She is a triple goddess as She grows from young to old, eventually sacrificing Herself so that Her body may nourish and seed the earth with corn, so that the people may live and eat.  Corn Woman teaches her followers how to properly pray and honor their deities, as well as how to sustain health through the cultivation of food.

Gaia – Earth Goddess of Greece.  Gaia is the primordial mother of the gods and all creation sprang from Her union with the sky.  She is the embodiment of the earth and land, carrying the sea and mountains upon Her breast.  She is represented by all things green and lush, and is depicted as a full figured woman rising from fertile soil.

I pray for the healing of the earth

Of soil, trees, and sand

And the safe existence of all creatures within.

Gaia, Corn Mother, Aja

May the land be nourished.

Corn Mother, Aja, Gaia

May life be nurtured.

Aja, Gaia, Corn Mother

May growth be embraced.

Blessed be.

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