39 Days of Prayer – Day 19

Day 19 – For the Gulf

Yemaya – also Yemoja, Iemanja.  African Goddess of Water. Yemaya is honored throughout West Africa and the Caribbean as the mother of the sea and the moon.  She is the keeper of the female mysteries and a guardian of women.  She aids in the conception of children and their birth, protecting and blessing infants until they hit puberty.  She is a healing goddess, showing compassion and kindness to those in need.  Yemaya is the personification of rivers and bodies of water, and is often depicted as a mermaid.

Chalchiuhtlicue (pronounced chal-chee-OOT-lee-kway) – Aztec Goddess of Water.  Mother of lakes, streams and the sea, Chalchiuhtlicue translates as Jade Skirt, or Lady Precious Green.    She is a fertility deity, presiding over the birth of children and blessing them during their first bath.  She is depicted dressed in clothing decorated with water lilies, holding a rattle in Her hands.  Chalchiuhtlicue’s shrines and temples were built near streams and irrigation ditches, and She is mainly honored by those who make their living from water.

In you Yemaya, all things are possible,

The tide ebbs and flows at your command.

In this time of tragedy

I pray for the healing of your seas

and for your aid in sustaining the life that depends on its waters.

May my will and energy combine with yours

Allow me to be of use, either in spirit or in body.

And I pray, Chalchiuhtlicue

That your wisdom integrates with the minds of the young

So that they learn how to care compassionately for the waves that sustain our existence.

Blessed Be.

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