39 Days of Prayer – Day 17

Day 17 – Surrender

Lady and Lord,

I feel your love for me in every breath and in every lesson.

Thank you for supplying me with all I need to live a life of wholeness and charity.

And because I know that you are the beginning and end, the Energy of All, and you live in every part of me

Because I know your goal is my health and happiness, and because I have the utmost faith in you,

I freely and fully release my ideas of what is best for me

I release my attachment to my plans

I release my attachment to my possessions and finances

And I open my heart and spirit to accept your guidance, so that my love and life may be used for the benefit of all.

I gently release the people who no longer serve me on my divine path, whether they are family, friends, or acquaintances,

and they fully and freely release me

so that there is room for you, Lady and Lord, to fill my life with people who love and respect me.

I release the thoughts of what I should, could, or would be

And accept who I am in your eyes, Goddess and God.

I receive the many blessings you have for me.

I accept and honor the will of the Divine in my mind, body, and spirit.

I am ready for my life to change.

Blessed be.

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