Ancient Calendar: May 31, 2010

_Letting_Go__by_freaky665.jpg picture by Beloved_Isis

We have to let May go now…and all that happened in it. But not yet. First, we have to get through today.

And it’s going to start off being about Hecate…second day, which started yesterday.

We also have a bit of a history lesson for you….because the annual Gloucestershire CHEESE ROLLING takes place in England on Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth.

Two hundred people or more will chase a seven pound wheel of cheese down a steep hill. This event has went on for the past two centuries….until recent years, in which it was canceled because people got hurt.

The Cheese Rolling event is said to have originated and adapted from Rome which did somewhat the same thing only theirs involved fertility rites.

Links for further reading:

Link 1

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Want more? Ancient Calendar.



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