Ancient Calendar: May 30, 2010


One more day and it’s good-bye May. Who’s ready?

Ok, got some Norse stuff for you to all learn today. Ever hear of the Einherjar? Well, if you haven’t, no worries because while today was an Observance all for them, we will be broadening our minds at the same time. And since they happen to have a hand in a little something that interests me—battle of Ragnarok—then away we go!

The Einherjar are Warriors who were once living until they died as heroes during battle. Norse men and women were something fierce and they held those who held a sword very high. They didn’t fear death, they just feared dying without having a good one. And a good one came from being in battle, neck to neck with an enemy.

The Einherjar, though, will aid Odin come the great battle of Ragnarok, which is said to be the very thing that brings about the end of the world. They train daily, eat and drink their fill in Valhalla and await for the great battle of the final destiny of all Gods to come.

However, on this particular day in Norse history, they will be honored. Awakened by the crowning of Gullinkambi (A rooster), they will then test each other by battling until sunset. After which, they will be brought to the side of Odin, where all of their wounds will be healed.

Greece will be having two sacred days dedicated to Hecate. These days were even observed in Rome during Republican times.

Ma’at shall be taken to Ra in Ancient Egypt’s calendar.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.



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