39 Days of Prayer – Day 7

Day 7 – The Power of Anger

Sekhmet – Punishing Goddess of Egypt.  Sekhmet is referred to as the Eye of Ra, as She is the personification of God’s anger.  Her role as both a creative and destructive force aligns Her with women, as she represents the fire of femininity.  Sekhmet protects women, bestows inner balance, and stands for righteous anger.  She is depicted as a full figured woman with the head of a lion.

Sekhmet, She of Desert and Flame

Mother of blood and strength, Devourer and Healer

Hear me, Lady, oh hear me

I have learned the perils of anger

And the hurts of misspoken words and untrustworthy hearts

But with each wound came your healing lesson

And I thank you for this.

I call to you now

So that in my new experiences

I will embrace worthwhile pursuits

And that I may learn righteous anger

Which is the force behind the power of change.

When I speak my truth, may my voice rise like your roar

And when I am slighted, may I forgive and release with ease

Red Lady,

Lend me your wisdom

So that I may know when to fight and when to walk away.

Blessed be.

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