She Murdered Her Own Babies…

A Texas mother, going through a divorce, got her first chance at visitation. You’d think she’d take the kids for a happy meal, or for ice cream, or to do something fun. No, instead she takes her children to an abandoned home and then slits their throats.

That’s right, Debra Jeter attempted to kill both her babies and then calmly walked out of the house while one of them begged for her life. Just as calm, she called 911. You can hear that call and read the story HERE.

If you listen to the 911 call, it’s chilling. How someone can sound so heartless, especially while one of their kids is begging them to get help. How someone can kill their own children anyway….

I don’t even know what to say concerning this. I know it breaks my heart and I know it pisses me off. And, it mucks with my mind because a Mother is God… in the eyes and heart of a child.

While we have so many every day pointing fingers saying, you are damned, you will burn in hell because you are gay or are tolerate gays, or watch out, Evil will get you

The only evil I have seen in the world, is not supernatural, but  is what people do in real life. And this story alone, is the perfect example….

Because it’s not Vampires, its not Shadows lurking across the room, its not what’s hiding behind the closet door, its not a devil, a Satan, or a Pagan god…

It’s the everyday and average person. And in this case, it was someone’s mommy.

Just pisses me off.


C.H. Scarlett


Everyone should light a candle for the child that did survive…barely. While her sister, Kelsey, is now at peace, that surviving child Kiersten, will have a lifetime of broken hearted nightmares to endure.

And tonight, hug your babies and if you don’t have children, hug someone else’s.


And if you think or ever meet someone on the internet or in life, who might not be what they seem to be…and you want them monitored or think they should be investigated,  Expose and Report is a good link to have handy. They deal with Facebook, Myspace, the internet, and the FBI.

5 thoughts on “She Murdered Her Own Babies…”

  1. My heart breaks and weeps for those children. Just heartless and frightening.

    Give me vamps and shadows anyday over the frightening thing that is humanity.


  2. People like that mother – this is why I support the death penalty. I believe some people are evil, I believe we can help some, but not others – those others, we need to scare and/or stop.


  3. This is just so mucked up. I don’t see why a mother would murder her own children. That’s just …heartless don’t even begin to describe it. Them poor babies. I agree with you Connie, she should get the death penalty but they won’t do it. So many have outlawed it now.


    1. I don’t understand either. And yeah, I am for the death Penalty, as long as the person is guilty. (And they are sure.) In this case, its a dead on nail. She called 911, she admitted to it.

      I hate government control and all that…but sometimes I think we need some sort of system monitoring who can have babies and who have. Not to the degree where you must be rich, or of a certain class, and religion and all that. Forget it…I have no answers.


  4. Good goddess, if the woman simply wanted to be rid of her children — or even to keep them away from her husband — there were so many other ways she could have done it. This is beyond any excuse. Hang the bitch!

    –Leslie <


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