Sweets to the Sweet

Molasses dark and succulent

This clinging breathlessness

Too sweet in suffocation

Need comes not with claws

But drowning in syrup

Heavy on limbs and heart,

Moved to sluggish struggles,

Swimming in the thick of it.

Exhausting, unshakeable.

How to voice this treacle

Rich encumbrance of the spirit

This over-spun candy of emotion

Clinging to skin and psyche

Until, weighed down, I snap.

Even the tears are sugar coated.

This saccharine excess no feast

For a sane man.

Lick me free of sticky oppression

Turn the sweetness to salt

In honest weeping, sharp consumption

Taste the too-much in me,

You who rejected sanity

As the ultimate unreason

Eat of this biter sweetness

That we might both find relief.

4 thoughts on “Sweets to the Sweet”

  1. I have heard of ‘sugar coating’ a message to make it more palatable to the receiver of the message..but this completely changes the scale of that statement….thanks for providing this poem…enjoyed reading it.


  2. Wonderful as ever. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks on pre-production for a volume of Bryn’s poetry, and have not yet had a surfeit of it!

    There’s a fantastic knack she has for finding the profound in a thing, and showing it, but without weighing the words down.


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