Alchemy workshop update … 11-13 June 2010

Arthur's Stone Sunset

There’s one place left if anyone else would like to come.

It looks like being a very deep and exciting weekend. On the Friday night we go to Arthur’s Stone for the Nigredo, the death and rebirth, lying within the chamber, taking the journey the goddess and the god give us. We will be going into the dark of the Moon, the darkness of the womb. This is likely to bring us deep visions and insights as we spend time in the chrysalis becoming Butterfly Soup.

Lady at Vowchurch
Lord at Vowchurch

On the Saturday morning we rise up into the Albedo, through the Peacock’s Tail, and visit the Lord and Lady where their statues till uphold the rood-screen in Vowchurch church. this part of the process is about the bringing together of the pairs of opposites, exampled for us by the Lord and Lady. Re-membering ourselves, putting ourselves back together, is vital to becoming whole.

Troy Town

Saturday afternoon we walk the Troy Town,the ancient British labyrinth that symbolises the journey within and the journey out into service in the outer world. The Lord and Lady figure again here and we will sing the Fith Fath song and tell the tale of Shining Brow … reminding ourselves of how the goddess tests and tries the god to make sure he is up to the task of guarding her.


Sunday morning we go up to Dinedor, the place of the ancient serpent-mound and serpent path down to the river Wye … the name “Wye” refers to the mother-water, the mother-river. There, we plait the red-white-black cord, the triplicity of the Celtic tradition that symbolises the

  • 3 worlds
  • 3 faces of the goddess – smith/healer/poet
  • 3 cauldrons that empower the life within us
  • 3 phases of change – death/life/birth

And we make our promise to Otherworld, to help, to live with and alongside all the realms, so making the Alchemical Wedding …

Contact me if you’d like to come.

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Celtic shaman – Elen Sentier Alchemy update …

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