39 Days of Prayer – Day 4

Day 4 – Honoring Our Ancestors

Enekpe – African Goddess of Family.  Enekpe is the Guardian of Destiny, particular within the familial blood line.  It is said Her worshipers went to war, and were threatened with extinction.  Enekpe offered Herself as a sacrifice in order to save Her people.  She was buried alive on the field of battle, and Her tribe was saved, their linage blessed by Her blood for eternity.

My blood is made from your water

my body from your earth

my heart from your fire

my breath from your wind.

I am made from the women and men who came before me.

I call to you Enekpe, and give thanks for my ancestors

who fought for my existence.

I honor their sacrifices and their offerings.

I call to you Enekpe, in gratitude and thanksgiving

For the piece of you that lives within me,

Your divine spark will carry on in my body and spirit

Along with the gifts of my ancestors

To nurture the hearts of the family who will rise from my flame and ashes.

Blessed be.

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