Ancient Calendar: May 25, 2010

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. And if you are reading this, then that means you survived Monday. Since I am writing it, that means I survived too…although I am not so sure if that is a good thing…for you…not me. *grins*

To kick off today, it seems Ancient Greece would have had another festival for their God of the Sun– Apollo. Now this deity of light came to be known for many things, however, he ended up being most popular at being the protector of all mankind. Since Apollo represented the sun and all its light, that meant he was a slayer of darkness and all wicked things in it. We can see a change in cultures, possibly from awesome to horrible, by such legends as this. For once, in prior civilizations, there was nothing to fear during the night. Underneath the moon was as sacred as the sun. However, as time changes, so do all things. Originally, though, Apollo was simply known for bringing forth the light of Spring and sending away the darkness of Winter. Nothing fearful about that.

Moving onto Scotland, we would have seen something biblical if it were not so very Pagan to them. And if you love Legend and lore, then keep reading…

The Mester Stoor worm was a creature long feared. The worm happened to be one of the nine curses which could and would visit mankind. It was a terrifying monster which lived out in the sea and had an awful habit of demanding things from villages or Kings. Legend says that he absolutely loved to gobble up virgins.

On one particular year, a King was told that if he didn’t offer up his own daughter as a sacrifice to the worm, then his Kingdom would be lost. So, like any good daddy would do, he sent word out unto the lands….

“Any man who can destroy the worm, shall have the hand of my daughter.”

Now who wouldn’t want to be son-in-law to a King and be married to his pride and joy, hu? So away men went but never returned…until a Farmer’s son named Assipattle found himself a very small boat and creped out into the waters one night with only a spear and a bucket of burning peat. Dipping his spear into the peat, he stabbed the Monster in the throat causing it to thrash to its very death.

The body of that monster became the land of Iceland and legend says its teeth formed the Faroe Islands.

Some more links for further reading:

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A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.



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