39 Days of Prayer – Day 2

Day 2 – A Daily Prayer to Saule

Saule – Baltic Sun Goddess.  Saule is the mother of the planets and the embodiment of the sun.  She ensures the growth of vegetation as well as household prosperity.  She is associated with the sea and with the underworld; the light She emits is a representation of hope during difficult times.  Saule is pictured with long golden hair, and serpents are sacred to Her.

Saule, Lady of the sky

As your sun rises in the east

Bless my feet as I enter into the day

So that every step I take is divinely led.

May my mind be blessed with your wisdom,

So that my decisions are sound and pure.

Help those I love to enter into this day with hope and joy

And be at their side as they need you.

Saule, ruler of the dark and unknown

Give me faith and strength when I reside in shadows

And may the negativity of others leave me unaffected as your sun sets in the west.

Keep me and mine safe as the moon rules the sky.

Blessed be.

3 thoughts on “39 Days of Prayer – Day 2”

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring prayer, Brandi.

    Although, I’ve never heard of Saule the prayer touches me and the idea that the light she emits represents hope. I often find myself turning to the light of the sun when things appear difficult. Just the warmth itself gives me the strength to continue on and lightens my spirit.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


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