39 Days of Prayer

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools a spiritual person can utilize on the path to happiness and enlightenment. Regardless of religious affiliation, prayer can open up and change your life in amazing ways, and it’s something I believe all spiritual people, particularly pagans, need to get back into the practice of.

In many instances, Goddess followers tend to forget about the power of basic prayer, instead going for invocations, evocations, and/or complicated rituals. Suddenly, taking the time to speak to Goddess and meditate in Her energy becomes more production than spiritual rite. We forget about the simplicity of quietly sitting and offering up thanks; we gloss over the power of the spoken word when it comes to spreading energy in our lives and the world.  And when you add in the complications and scheduling of everyday life, we rarely make the time to communicate with Spirit at all.

With that in mind, I’m implementing a new program: “39 Days of Prayer.”  For the next 39 days, I will be posting simple prayers online.  All you have to do is make the dedication that once a day, for the next 39 days, you will set aside three minutes to recite the prayer and spend time in conference with Spirit. These prayers can stand alone or be added to your daily practice. They will vary in subject matter, but all will work towards igniting change, and stepping out on our faith in the Divine to hear our supplications and our gratitude.

If you decide to participate in this practice, you can follow the timeline set (May 23rd – June 30th) or you can go at your pace. One new prayer will be posted daily, and the previous days prayers will be left available for viewing on the website. I advise you try and recite the prayer at the same time every day, regardless of your start date, as the repetitiveness helps to build energy as well as good habits. If you miss a day, don’t worry and don’t skip it – just recite that day’s prayer when you are able to. If you miss two days or more, I advise you start back at the beginning with day one.

Not only will the 39 Days of Prayer help to connect the participants with the Divine, but it will also teach spiritual discipline and provide an energetic support system. You will know that all over the world people are praying the same prayer with you.  Thousands of minds, millions of wavelengths of energy concentrating on a single goal, whether it be for your own life or the lives of others. In this act, we are learning how not only to pray for ourselves, but how to pray for friends and strangers alike, and support them spiritually in the process.

Before you make the dedication to the 39 Days of Prayer, be sure that you are ready to accept the major life transformations that are promised to come. Praying daily raises the consciousness, and brings things to manifestation.  And like any time we change enters our lives, the experience is not always enjoyable or comfortable. Before we can thrive in our present and future, our past has to be accepted, and those things which no longer serve us must be cleansed out. You may find yourself having to deal with issues, situations, and emotions you’ve been avoiding. You may even find yourself experiencing a physical cleansing, and well as a purification of the mind and spirit.  If things get difficult for you, just remember that you are working towards your highest good, and that all things that come from Goddess/God are a blessing and a lesson. You will also have the energetic support of your sisters and brothers in Spirit, who are praying along with you.

The first prayer will be posted on May 23rd 2010, here on The Pagan and Pen, as well as on my website, Facebook, and other web sources.  Hope to connect with you in Spirit!  I will continue to post the prayers here on an active basis.

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