Ancient Calendar: May 22, 2010


Norse Desktop Wallpaper by C.H. Scarlett. Click for larger version to save and enjoy! Woman by Royo! I SO STALK the art of Royo!


Ok, so do ya dig the Norse wallpaper? If ya do, then maybe you will dig some cool Norse History or Legend . It all starts with a Scandinavians (Norse)King named Ragnarr Lodbrók or Ragnarr Lodbrok (This day belongs to him) who may have or may not have existed.

The cool thing about Ragnarr is that he claimed he was a direct descendant of Odin. Hey, it could happen! However, I am guessing that that’s where the whole doubt as to whether or not he even existed kicked in. I mean, you’re real until you claim to be the son of a God/Goddess…after that, you are on your own MR!!!

Any who, Ragnarr lived in the 8th or 9th century and had a bit of a worry concerning his sons. See, he didn’t want them to out do him with better adventures, which meant Ragnarr set out his entire rule attacking any country he could set his sword on. Ragnarr became such a thorn that the only way his prey could get him off their back was to pay him off in Gold. (Was this the first real Soprano?) Unfortunately, just because he wasn’t one to play around, he’d attack again even after he’d been paid.

It is even said that he attacked Paris and captured the entire city in the year 845 and held it up for ransom—a sum total of seven thousand pounds of silver. Legend says King Aelle defeated him in Northumbria during the same year.

The Greeks will be having an Observance for their Goddess Selene, who is of the moon. Usually followed by that of women, she also stood for hunting and the chase.

Today would have been the fourth day of Callynteria in Classical Greece. See Ancient Calendar: May 19th.


A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.



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