Intolerance & Old Minds

Warning: This article is about an ugliness and closed-mindedness that still exists out there today.


A dear friend, Rie McGaha, Author of Ancient Blood, contacted me today truly floored by a reaction she got from a woman, she’d hired to do Pagan & Pen some business. As you know, Rie McGaha heads up the Review Site of Pagan & Pen. In fact, if it weren’t for Rie, we wouldn’t have Reviews at all. But because of her determination to try and correct many of the unfair mistakes done to Reviewers and to those needing unbiased Reviews, Pagan & Pen has, well, branched out into that arena, and successfully too, I might add.

For those who follow that part of the site, you may have noticed that over the last couple of months, the review team over there has been nailing the lists with well-written, constructive, and detailed reviews. Not only did we add to WHO is reviewing, but the amount that they were reading became absolutely phenomenal. Heck, at the end of the day, Rie had to finally break down and add an extra date to when the reviews would be posted. She was doing them on the 20th, but now, she added the 5th.

Anyway, wanting to give back to the Reviewers, Rie decided to dip into her own pocket and offer them up little gifts– for the one who reviewed the most and so on. She came to me and asked if I’d make up some T-shirt emblems, which I did, and then Rie went out and found a woman who had a business and would print them up. Rie was also planning to use the woman to print up Promotional T-shirts and items for her upcoming release Ancient Blood. (If you click that link, you can see the cover AND scroll to see the T-shirt) Pretty cool.

I for one was VERY excited especially when our first Reviewer chose one of my designs for the T-shirt. The logo she chose was my favorite:



Rie sent it in to the lady, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited….but nothing happened. So, Rie went off to visit the woman making T-shirts, however, what happened, floored her.

The woman refused  the T-shirt because the logo is clearly Pagan and since she is a Christian, she refused to make it. She said,  "I’m a Christian and I just don’t feel right printing something like this."

Wait, what?

Rie McGaha is a Christian but she embraces us at the Pagan and the Pen and is accepting  of all walks of life, lifestyles, and paths. Once a Wiccan, she combines the two religions now, but goes by Christian and believes in Jesus. Yet Rie represents a more tolerate path of Christianity, while this woman who denied our logo represents old minds, old ways of thinking, and intolerance.

Does this woman not have a business? Isn’t it wrong to discriminate? By being paid to do us a service in which she offers, does that mean her soul is set to burn forever?

How offensive and dramatic.

But, that’s all fine and dandy.  Rie will take her business elsewhere. But the lady’s ignorance will make a point on our blog today and give a perfect example of the old minded thinking that still exists. People who will deny others a service, or a kind word, or even a smile if they are gay, or of a different gender, or from the wrong side of the tracks, or of a different race, or of a different path, or are just different—are on the soon to be extinct list. That’s right…I said it. And no, I am not threatening anyone with harm. I am just stating a fact, because these idgits are losing numbers because people are getting over it, and are tired of being judgmental and so dang hateful all of the time. they are moving on…the world is changing and so are they.  

And while some Pagans, Spiritualists, etc are still wounded by this type of behavior, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Let’s not be like THEM, treating others horribly or turning our nose up because someone walks a different path of life.

And know that you are welcome here, on our blog, no matter what color, creed, gender, faith, religion, or mind.

Old minds will fade with an old world…eventually. Cuz times, they are ah changin’!



C.H. Scarlett

8 thoughts on “Intolerance & Old Minds”

    1. Like you, I keep to my animals and kids. BUT, I will still stand firm in believing that while some people hold to this old way of thinking, many are moving past it.

      In fact, I have met MANY ordained Ministers and Preachers (and not the cracker jack box kind) who are actually exploring Wicca and other types of nature religions hoping to bring them into their teachings.

      Unfortunately, for people like the woman in the above article, they hold on to their cruel behaviors because they are filled with fear and doubt of themselves. See, its easier to divide us up—make it US and THEM—because then they don’t have to become aware of another way of thinking…which in the end…they know will make more sense. Eventually the Sheep leave the pasture, though, realizing the wolves have been tending them all along.


  1. And it’s so not Christian. What would Jesus do? Not that, for certain. fortnately there are a good many decent, genuine Christian folk out there, and it’s a shame that they are so badly represented by some of their fellows.


  2. As someone who routinely experiences discrimination for various reasons, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Last Friday, a student I had as a 6th grader (now in 8th) said, “Ms. Ryan, I wanted you to be my teacher again but my mom hates you.” She didn’t say anything more because she didn’t have to. I’m an ‘out’ lesbian. Parents routinely meet with the principal to make sure their kid doesn’t have me as their teacher. More parents fight to have me (cuz I rock) than squeak about what the exposure might to do their devleoping tweens, but that kind of prejudice is alive and well in suburban Michigan. Even worse? I only recently became a semi-out Pagan because my kids are in school and they’re very vocal about our beliefs. So far, tolerance seems to be winning out, but we’ll see how long that lasts.


  3. People here are very weirded out concerning gays, Violet. BUT, they are coming around. Most people could care less, but, at one time, if they stepped out and said, “So what, who cares?” then that would label them as gay, so no one said anything.

    Since I live in the Bible belt, I kept my being Pagan on the down-low. This was my trip, not my kids, and I didn’t want them having to deal with my battles. Eventually, though, my kids started to tell, and then when my pen name slipped, well people are starting to figure things out if they search me online. Oh well lol.

    I do know I have raised my kids well and not to have closed minded behaviors because my oldest son has a best friend who considers himself bi. It may be a teen thing, (with his friend) but bi, straight, or gay, I adore his silly self the same way I do my own. His mother is gay, and although I have never approached the subject with her (and wont unless she brings it up to me) she will always be welcome here as well. She’s never said my oldest can’t hang with her because he’s straight. So why would I be that way?

    People are waking up…and will. The more and more gay and other lifestyles step out and make themselves known, the less of a big deal its gonna be. Pagans—same thing.

    Least that’s what I hope.


  4. I thought Jesus was tolerant of everyone–men, women, poor, rich, old, young, etc. I think some people forget that and probably let other voices that aren’t so tolerant speak for them and their beliefs.

    I forgot to add in my post that the artwork is awesome and that I’m sorry Rie had to experience such a narrow-minded attitude.


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