All About Astral Traveling

The reason behind the article.

Don’t worry,lol,  this isn’t a book plug. Bryn’s article: Writing Sub-Cultures got me thinking today and then I remembered something I recently went through during edits. And this article isn’t about writers, either,  however, it was spurred by a mistake writers sometimes make when ‘writing’. We get so caught up in what we know, and what those in our circles know, that it never occurs to us that a reader might not know.

In Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes, I wrote that there is a way for a person of the Living World to visit  Wyntress Nyght’s surreal world without having to die. And the supernatural vehicle the living person could use happened to be Astralling.  While in edits, my awesome editor became stumped on the word astral. Hand to forehead, I never thought once while using the term that an average reader might not know or understand it. In my life and circles, its a common word. So it never occurred to me that, HEY, others might not know. So while I explained it in the book, I also decided to write up an article for Divination month at the ol’ Pagan & Pen.


What is Astralling?

Also known as Astral Projection, Out- of- Body- Experiences, Soul Travel, Spirit Travel, and more.

The Ancient Egyptians knew about it, those in China, India..and now, in our Age, we are still fascinated.

In short, Astral travel is when your spirit (or in some circles– mind’s eye) leaves your body and goes elsewhere. People may explore this during a near death experience, or when revisiting past lives, or when simply visiting. It has been known to happen consciously, as well as subconsciously. It has been known to happen voluntarily and involuntarily. Sometimes people have vivid memories while others will never remember. Sometimes when people do remember, they embrace and master it, while others simply pass it off as a dream.

Signs for those with no memory…how do I know?

If you  went to sleep, hardly moved, or did not move at all… then you might have traveled.  When you woke up,if  it felt as if you have ‘just’ went to sleep…as though you have not slept at all,  when you know you have, yet you don’t even remember dreaming…then you may have astraled or traveled.

Why don’t we remember? How do you tell the difference between a dream and an Astral trip?

Well to give a short answer…dreams are some what out there. You will dream something like being in your underwear while singing the star spangled banner in front of a bunch of Budweiser drinking nuns. Clearly, that’s a dream, and could very well be symbolic. (Different article.)

Astral is like real life playing out, only its in another time, or a far off place, and you most likely look like what you’d mirror in your mind’s eye (Third Eye) –or so many have experienced.

Some people have said they mimic what they look like now, but have a different hair color, could be a different gender, are genderless, or are totally someone or something else. Some people claim their true self is an animal or mystical creature. 

No matter how different the person is, though, astralling and the place they visit is like real life. You can feel what you touch, smell, embrace…and sometimes you bring things back with you. For instance, one person I knew astraled and dreamed she tripped and cut her ankle. Strangely enough , the next morning she had a red mark on her ankle.

How are these physical proofs capable of happening when it is your spirit leaving your body? I don’t know. But people have literally said to have brought back sand from beaches, a lock of hair from a lover’s head, and so on.

For those who don’t remember anything but bits and pieces, some believe this is because remembering is too painful.

A sixty-year old Crone once told me that she visited everyone that had passed from this life, as well as those that shared past lives with her, and now existed elsewhere. She remembered going to them and that she had the time of her life. She even remembered being younger as so were they. But beyond that, nothing. She said, "can you imagine if I did remember everything and  how depressing it would be to come back here to an old body living alone?" So she claimed that is why many don’t remember, but at times, are given enough memory so that they KNOW it’s happening. And to me, made sense.

When can a person Astral?

As I said in the beginning, some do it naturally while sleeping, while others do it consciously, while awake. Those who try to master this while being awake, have reported feeling dizzy in the beginning, or sick to the stomach. Some have felt headaches or have totally disconnected from themselves. It’s a challenging thing to do, and most are never able to pull it off. The symptoms are many, but the reason is it is so difficult, or so I have heard explained, and that we are not used to being pulled out of our bodies. The body becomes home…something we grow used to and comfortable with.

Our spiritual self and our physical self are used to being one and not separated when our conscience minds are in control. When we sleep, our subconscious leads us, and is said to be much more connected with things, acceptable to what comes, and all knowing.

When our conscience self is leading the way, however, we suffer slight side effects, which are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it shows us that its working. So if you feel dizzy and slightly sick, don’t worry. It is only a sign that you’re doing it right AND that your conscience awareness is , well being aware.

One friend of mine was trying to tackle this and actually made it all the way out of her body. However, when she looked down at herself and realized what was going on, she completely freaked. She had a fear she was dead, and then back stepped. She had a lot of difficulty getting over that fear.

There are many techniques and books which will help you learn to astral. The hardest part is becoming comfortable with yourself, overcoming the weird, and or fear, and finding a way that works for you.

How does this fall under Divination?

People use Astral to rediscover their Past Lives, to heal, or to connect with those who have passed from this world and into another, or to visit with Spirit Guides, and or other Deities.

I once met a woman who used to go to her grandchild at night when he had to move far away. The Grandmother thought she was dreaming until the Grandchild came to her house for Christmas and said, "Grandma, you didn’t come to my house last night. How come?" And then every detail she remembered, her Grandson surprisingly said…including the lullaby she sang to him, word for word–a  song she knew while astralling, but never in life.

Also, many people explore their Akashic Records, The Halls of Valhalla, and many other enlightened, spiritual places not of our world.

Further Reading…

Below are some sites I found if anyone is interested in reading more.

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Astral Projection – Guide and explanation




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2 thoughts on “All About Astral Traveling”

  1. I’ve often believed that I Astral Traveled in the past. I would wake from a particularly vivid experience and it would stay with me all day. Most of these moments I had before I found my way to the pagan path so I had no explanation for them. For me dreams and these experiences are so different there is no comparison.

    One of the most vivid ones I recall was of being in a field of tall, wavering grasses surround on three sides by towering snow-capped mountains. The colors were so bright and vivid I just knew I was there. I could feel the cool wind blowing through my hair, smell the earth and wildflowers, and then surprisingly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

    I turned to see a young man I worked with at the time. He smiled at me and led me to a spot in the center of the field where we both sat down and began speaking to one another. The thing was we were speaking in a foreign language. It was obvious we were having an animated conversation, laughter and all, but I had no idea what the hell we were saying.

    When we were done we stood, hugged, and I turned away. The next thing I knew I was back in my bed waking with a start. I have no doubt the two of us were there in that place, having that conversation, but try explaining that to anyone who doesn’t believe. LOL

    I’m surprised that you would have to explain the Astral thing. In this day and age I would have thought it was pretty damned well know. Well, what do I know? *shrugs & laughs*


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