Similar Virtues

In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a founding member of both an ADF Grove and an Asatru Kindred. The more time I’ve spent within these two groups, the more I feel that there are elements that can make them co-exist and, in fact, compliment each other in one path or tradition. I shall pause here and wait for the traditionalists to get back up from the floor….

With the co-existence in mind, I want to show you one of the main focuses of the Asatru belief system and it’s counterpart in ADF Druidry.

The Virtues.

In Asatru, the virtues are what many Heathens style their entire lives on and a few only give them a cursory glance. For myself, I use them as my moral compass and lifestyle direction.

Below are the Asatru and Druid (ADF) Virtues for comparison:

Asatru Virtues: Druid (ADF) Virtues:
Courage Courage
Truth Wisdom











Self Reliance




As you can see there are three that are the same in both lists: Courage, Perseverance and Hospitality. There are also some that are similar and others that are quite different.

I prefer the Asatru virtues, they speak me and how I have chosen to live my life, indeed, they speak to me much more than the Druid (ADF) ones. This does not, of course, make them better or worse than the others, it’s just how my instincts react to them.

The virtues, and how one applies them to ones life, are very personal and can obviously be interpreted differently depending on your point of view. I will, in later articles, go into more depth on the three matching virtues and what they mean to Pagans and/or Heathens in our modern day society. I will also be finding out how these virtues relate to the priesthood of the two traditions with comments from an Asatru Gythia (gyðja) and the Senior Druid of an ADF Grove.

Until then, I will leave you with some question’s to think about:

  • Which set of virtues fits in with your lifestyle and values?
  • Would you feel the need to mix the above sets or perhaps write an entirely new list?

Blessings to your Hearth,

Paranormal/Fantasy Novelist, eBook Author and Blog Writer

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6 thoughts on “Similar Virtues”

  1. Nice article Edian. Have you read Brendan Myers ‘The Other Side of Virtue’? He explores ideas of virtue in heroic cutlures (Celtic and Norse included) through to the modern day, it’s a very good read.


    1. Thank you Brynneth and yes, I have read it. Brendan is a very talented author and a friend of mine, I believe he is working on a new book right now, so I shall look forward to that. 🙂


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