Pagan Holiday for May 16, 2010

Good Goth, I love today’s holiday or would have  if we were still romping around in the adulterous gardens of our Ancestral Gods lol. While looking up today’s date on some software called Pagan Days, I noticed that it was the beginning of Goddess Month sacred to Greek Hera.

Now that’s not what gave me the temple giggles.

It’s what my glorious software said which led my mind to sarcastically wonder…

And I quote, “She is said to protect all women who have not slept with her husband Zeus.”

Well what woman/goddess in their right mind would? lol Was there a Goddess who vowed to protect ONLY the  women who yanked up the skirts, and hopped a ride on said hubby/god? lol KIDDING.

And no matter how free my tongue may wander, that juicy bit of sentence gives you an idea of what poor Hera suffered for pulling a Tammy Wynette and standing by her man.

And let me give you the 411 on the scandalous gods according to the Greeks way back in the ancient day. Hera and can’t-keep-it-in-his-pants-Zeus were known to fight so much, the Greek squad credited THEIR marital thrash downs for all storms swallowing up their skies. The worse the storm and damage, the worse Zeus mucked up. Hera having the power to call forth winds, rain, thunder, and any other stormy thing falling inline with all of that,  had one hell of a temper and who wouldn’t if their big daddy was runnin’ round bein’ the divine man whore of the local pantheons untouched or desirable maidens .

Hera, don’t you take no crap off your man. Rock on girl!

While Hera is finally getting her due, all of the blessed Goddesses of Egypt will be getting theirs. Today would have been a feast for all of them.




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3 thoughts on “Pagan Holiday for May 16, 2010”

  1. I’m still laughing at this one. We just finished the Percy Jackson series in my house. I spent a lot of time wondering why these goddesses put up with infidelity. Was it to teach women that they had to put up with it? Also, why didn’t the ladies step out more often?

    Interesting to note that nowadays, men are more likely to stay with a cheater than a woman.

    If I said Go, Hera, I would add ‘far away from Zeus’.


  2. Yeah, Violet, this one had me thinking as well. In all honesty, though, I haven’t come across too many Goddesses putting up with this sort of thing until later on in certain Civilizations such as Greece & Rome.

    Before that in many cultures, certain Goddesses were raved upon for having many lovers (without sneaking around) and not many Gods (that I can think of off the top of my lame brain) mucked around.
    However, as time went on, the stories and descriptions of many Gods and Goddesses changed. Inert the story of Zeus and Hera. Personally, Hera was big enough to give Zeus her own style of a whoop down…so sounds a bit off that she didn’t.


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