Pagan Holidays for May 15, 2010


Buckle up and strap yourself in because today our Ancient Ancestors had quite a bit going on.

In Rome, we would have seen two Goddess held high. Maia–Goddess of the full moon and Vesta, Goddess of the hearth.

This day was also the mark of the Ides of May when our Vestal Virgins would show the way again by performing rites which would hopefully ensure the flow of water for the coming year. The ritual itself involved sacrifice but not of the flesh and blood kind. No need to worry darklings, unless you were the Scarecrow off of the Wizard of Oz. because this hay day called for puppets made of straw.

The Goddess month of Maia also begins today and less not forget that she was one of the daughters of Atlas, making her one of the seven Pleiades.

In many parts of Germany, people would know today as –Kalte Sophie—translated into Cold Sophie. Now, before anyone pictures a heartless, lying, vindictive, (bleep, bleep, bleep) like my step-monster Sophie, hold the brain. (Or maybe I was the only one picturing that lol curse my past—far but not forgotten– teenage years.) This had nothing to do with that embodiment of evil. lol

No, this day was all about planting and when one could do it. So after today passes,  then it’s safe to plant the crops without worries and fears of frost.

Saturday is the day of Seatere, Seater, Saturn, and Loki—trickster of the Norse Culture.


Saturday is a good day to deal with matters and or invoke magical spells concerning:

A Gift of some sort, and or maybe something to do with your property?

Are you moving your home? Is someone else moving their home? Do you have matters concerning the elderly and or maybe you need to work on self discipline?


Remember that Saturday belongs to Saturn and the Element of Earth.



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