Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

It is said that we all have Spirit Guides. Some people because of certain religions view them as angels, while others view them as beings of light, animals, and so on . I, myself, have never really concentrated too much on Spirit Guides being angels because my interests have never swayed that way. And while many Pagans chuck the concept of Angels altogether, many still hold tight to them. I was always drawn to the Fallen Angels, if anything, but then again, my mind is just weird that way.

Spirit Guides in general, though, is a popular concept despite what religion or faith someone is. Theories and opinions vary but the most common ones I have found are…

Guides can be angels, as I said, family members from a present or previous life, unknown beings from wherever, spirits in general, animals, or just volunteers stepping in to help with certain situations or life lessons.

Some people say they can actually hear the Guide’s voice, as if someone in solid form is standing in the same room with them speaking out loud.

Some say their voice sounds a bit like their own, only it comes across as a thought, during a time your mind goes blank and your not thinking of anything in particular. Its in your head, the voice. I have actually noticed this from time to time in my own personal experiences. I will kind of zone out. For instance, last year my mother asked to borrow my car so she could go to the doctor the next day. So my husband put the kid’s in our Durango while I drove my Grand AM. We stopped to get gas before hand, so my mother wouldn’t have to in the morning. That’s when I broke routine. Usually, I follow my husband when driving separate vehicles. In fact, I always do. But this time, I pulled out from the pump ahead of him, leading him and our children down the road. I was really hyped up before we left the house (too much coffee) and anxious to get the car to my mom’s and get back home to work on a manuscript. After we got gas though, it was like a Quaalude hit me. I was laid back, very calm, very serene. Then out of nowhere a voice louder than my own thoughts hits my head. It said, “Are you ready? Here it comes.” It sounds rather spooky, someone saying here it comes as if warning you to brace yourself. And you would think my heart would have pounded through my chest. But it didn’t. I was floating somewhere in a world of inner peace and contentment. In fact, I actually answered out loud, “Yep, I’m ready.” While sitting there waiting for cars, upon cars, upon cars, to go by so I could turn down into my mother’s driveway. And then BAM! Some young boy who wasn’t paying attention slammed into my husbands Durango, which in turn slammed him into me…so hard that the boy’s truck caught on fire and exploded. If my small car had been following my husband’s that day like we normally do…I wouldn’t have survived the wreck.

Now whether that was my Guide or not, who knows, but I do know it is said that they interact with your lives giving little nudges here or there. Mostly, people do not recognize them or those nudges, but rather switch direction without even thinking about it. Since most times, Guides do not always make themselves known abruptly. In fact, people go through life without ever a clue that one is there.

So how do you call a Guide?

One way a person can call forth their Spirit Guides is by meditation. In this simple exercise a person can ‘see’ who their Guides are, name them,  discover their name, and anything else they want to know.

* Simply sit down or lay down, do some sort of position in which you can relax.

* Make sure its quiet. If this is your first time trying this, then you do not want any distractions that may easily break your concentration.

* Now picture a pyramid. (If your not comfortable with a Pyramid, picture a mountain, or any large structure.) Image steps going up the structure.

* Imagine yourself taking each step, placing your foot down and rising up to the next. How it feels, how the air smells, the world or area around you no matter how surreal it maybe. Count the steps out, and take your time.

* When you reach the top of the steps, imagine a door. Image the details of the door in any which way you choose. Open the door and you will find a room that seems to be inside a portal somewhere.

*The room has windows which stare out into different places of the universe, or time, or you’re mind’s eye. A chair sits in the middle of the room and a cool breeze blows through it…a comfortable breeze.

* Now, sit in the chair and take in everything of the room. Clear your mind, don’t force any imagery. Then notice a door on the other side and ask that your Spirit Guide enters.

Now, have a conversation with whatever or whoever comes through that door.

I did not give a lot of details here because I find that, that makes it difficult for people to relax and see what comes naturally. We all see things as our minds eye knows them. The ‘way’  I know and experience them, may not be the way that you ‘know and see’ them.

The step above concerning your Spirit Guide, is something you can customize and change.  If you have no interest in steps, then walk on stones leading across a river. If you do not connect with a room, then enter a field of dreams or a boat…whatever you want. Try it my way a few times, if you are more comfortable with that, and then allow your Spirit Guide (once you meet them) to take you a different route. There are no limits to where and what you can do. So live large and good luck!


9 thoughts on “Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides”

  1. This is off topic, so I’ll start off by saying that I liked your post. I used to spend a lot of time with meditating and the idea of the spirit guide. I’m not sure whether the guidance comes from within or without, I’m just glad it comes.

    Yesterday, my wife and I were watching an episode of Dr. Who. It had these stone angels that could only exist if no one looked at them. I couldn’t watch an earlier episode because the idea of angels has always freaked me out. When I was going through my whole ‘to be or not to be Catholic’ phase, I read the bible that always sat out near our fireplace. (emergency kindling?) I found them to be soulless creatures who were jealous of humans. It seemed to me that a creature with that amount of power and no soul for moral guidance was the scariest concept imaginable (right up there with clowns in my nightmares). Anyway, my point is that I wonder where the concept of nice/guiding angels comes from?


    1. I could respond to that if I wasn’t too damn busy snickering over ‘to be or not to be Catholic’ phase–AND (emergency kindling?).

      Ok *deep breaths, deep breaths—gawd it’s like taking William out of his box and having a conversation with him.* Anywho, another situation entirely.

      I, like you, kind of wanted to throw up the crossed fingers at the whole idea of Angels. And it’s interesting that your interpretation of them in the bible came off kind of how I felt.

      Fallen Angels, however, the total bad boys (and maybe gals of the club) didn’t seem to have that hang up, but were, in my mind, literally strung up because of it. And the fact that they loved someone other than this Biblical God, who seriously had a hard time dealing with it, kind of got my ears perked up with interest. Again, whole nother story and conversation.

      BUT, the concept of nice, guiding angels comes from, in my opinion, of those who view the biblical God just the same. *put on the rose colored glasses* Now, I’m not talking about any real gods…just the literature written up about him by man despite who he claims channeled it to him.

      God, his people, and his angels could do some horrible damage, but people tend to over look that because he is God and he is all knowing.

      In one verse, I believe he admits to being Good and Evil.

      Yet most people don’t absorb that…and those who do…absorb it a little too deeply if you know what I’m sayin. (Think the nut who protests Military funerals).

      Anyway, since people basically run with God is Good, God is Great, then anything hanging out, created by, and serving God is just as (whoops, nope “not just as” but almost as) awesome.

      And some days I think that maybe God has become so fearful to his followers, that they subconsciously created lessers of him, his angels,so they could mentally depend them to help lift them up and whatever else.

      It’s pretty much the same concept concerning Mary. I read somewhere that when the Church tried to first get its footing and create itself, people in general, rejected them because there was no female couterpart to the belief systems and beliefs. How could ‘they’ a bunch of Goddess followers convert to a religion which denied anything and everything concerning a woman? So with the creators of the Church refusal, it damn near killed their religion from even getting off the ground.

      So, with hands being tied, *not as kinky as one would hope*, they broke down and added a familiar tale or tales revolving around one named Mary who had a bit of a different story rather than the one we know. Anyway, not wishing their God to be tainted by something so immoral and perverse and sinful as sex, they included the divine act of conception without having had interaction between one mortal woman, one holier than thou God, and one damn good time.

      What we had happen was a Female people could call out and relate to. Someone who would show mercy. And the road to which brought us Jesus, another one which brought us mercy.

      Sheesh, in all actuality, the list of reasons could go on and on. Ya know?


  2. Good article, CH! I have a way of looking at angels that I think is rather different. I ascribe no “religious” energy to them, although the fiction I write tends toward certain religioous mythologies when I do take the time to write about angels.

    I define an angel/angelic energy as a person, place, event that makes such an impact on your life (generally for the positive) that your path does not continue on in the way that it has been. It changes you and enables your continued growth in some way shape or form.

    Trust me on this one, I’m the first person that argues against organized religion of any sort…I believe that the spiritual journey is an inherently sacred voyage of the individual. It is awesome to find like minded beings that can aid in the increase of energy flow BUT I find that eventually ego takes place of harmony and the need for a social hierarchy (alpha male/alpha female) takes place, including in covens.

    I say thanks but no thanks for organized religion of any kind…hahaha! That being said though I have participated in some awesome “spirit” groups and have had a blast. I love studying the history and cultures of other religions. I think it gives much insight into motivations.



  3. The term angel takes me off into Alchemy again but there are many non “religions of the Book” translations for the term. In In Hinduism, the term deva is sometimes translated as “angel”, as well as “god” or “deity”, for instance.

    From my own past … Theosophy … Devas are living beings who are the spirits of the planets (Planetary Angels) or of the Sun (Solar Angels). Stars all have their own spirit. (another way of putting this is Mother Earth and Father Sun. Or vice versa, as in some cultures the assigned genders are reversed. They guide the evolution of the cosmic body they are the spirit of.

    Then there are what are often known as the nature spirits, elementals (gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders), the Faer Folk, who have many names in many cultures. The nature spirits, which some folk call nature angels, help guide evolution and the general health of everything on the Earth – or whatever planet they are part of.

    In Alchemy it can get quite complicated – I sometimes wonder if the old alchemists were all relaly head-cases LOL. there are levels and realms and goodness knows what.

    I work with them as I see them … as they appear to me. they take on a guise that will be meaningful to me and help convey what they would like me to know/do. After many years at this game I’m getting to know the spirit without needing the suit-of-clothes to recognise them. It’s a bit like a scent or flavour :-).


  4. Exactly Elen, energy is energy, it comes to you in a form you will be comfortable with listening to. I use to say I’d probably be more inclined to listen to a being that presents itself as a Native American shaman (as in orginal native peoples, not descendants of European cultures) then a being who appears as Christ, nowadays, I just listen to my inner self and the guise the different energies take on is far more amorphous and genderless.


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